Review: Bespoke by Megan McFerren and Val Prozorova

Vance is having a terrible day, and the crowning insult is his lost luggage, which contained all the suits he needed for the conference he's attending. An unbending perfectionist, he refuses to settle for some cheap, shoddy substitute.

He is directed to Ethan Adler, a supposedly brilliant tailor who proves to be too brash, proud, presumptuous, and handsome to possibly be any good at his job. When he completely ignores everything Vance says, set on his own design, Vance is determined to teach him a lesson—but it's a lesson that may cost him far more than a perfect suit.

3.25 Hearts!

Suit porn.

*mutters filthy things*

*bites lip*

I lost my train of thought. This happens when I see a good looking man in a good looking suit.

So when I read the blurb of this new to me author duo, Megan McFerren and Val Prozorova, I just had to read! Suits, demanding customer paired with a possibly obnoxious tailor? I imagined high tensions and sexy smolders while measurements were taken. After reading, I can say both authors definitely love a good suit. This was the ultimate suit porn (and no I'm not talking sex).

In Bespoke, an arrogant neurosurgeon, Vance, is having a very bad day. He just arrived from London to stay for an extended neurosurgeons' conference in NYC, the airport lost his clothes and he just can't be seen wearing the only two suits he managed to bring as carry-on. Why, he'll be the laughingstock of the conference. While suffering from his very, bad, horrible day, he can't even check into his hotel suite. He needs a suit stat, so why he asks for the best tailor in the city, he's directed to a little shop that doesn't look like it houses the very best tailor.

The arrogant doctor meets super confident tailor: Louisiana bred Ethan Adler.

Ethan doesn't ask he tells. And the British doctor is flabbergasted.

Now this is when the setup climaxes, because the story spends more time describing the color and fabric of the suits and not building the relationship between the two men who got off on the wrong foot. Here was an opportunity to have the doctor cut Ethan down to size, he seems to have a pompous backbone to him. But he was quiet.

And while I love the entire process of creating clothes and had a Project Runway moment while reading and saw the ubiquitous fabric store, Mood mentioned, I didn't read this just for the clothes.

I liked both characters. I especially loved the distinct tone and voices of the main characters, and have to call out when the voice matches the person presented. Vance threw out $20 words like it was nothing to him. It's the little details that I enjoy. Ethan was a dedicated, geeky-ish, confident tailor who knows his skills.

But does one 'me-time' session and a shared passion for clothes really mean these men would hit it off so quickly?

For a time frame as tight as these two were under, I'd buy it more if there was any believable chemistry. The passion is there...for suits.

Ethan and Vance? Not so much.

I think this story should have been longer, I just can't buy someone as uptight as Vance who thinks so highly of himself he had to rush to buy a one of a kind suit, to going there with someone who isn't even on his level. If he had a change of heart, or came off his high horse (especially after his mean trick to Ethan), more time was needed.

For escapism? I guess it could work.
For lovers of crafting clothes? This is porn for your fabric loving selves.

Thank goodness for the epilogue.

A very short story that might work best when you don't want to bust your brain reading a quick romance with likeable characters, nice writing and instalust feels.

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