Review: There's Something About a Kilt by Schuyler L'Roux

It’s a hellaciously hot day in Minneapolis and all Thom wants to do is enjoy his ice cream and forget about the stacks of essays waiting for him back in his stifling apartment. Until he meets Gerry, a kilted, tattooed Welshman. The conversation is smooth and the attraction immediate, but Gerry is only in town for the night and isn’t down for anything quick and forgettable. When they meet again, hours later, Gerry knows there’s something in the air and all bets are off. Including his kilt.

Well, there certainly is something about a kilt. Because, damn. Look at that cover!

Thom is enjoying his ice cream, minding his own business when he spots a hottie with a kilt, Gerry, walking by. They talk, they flirt, Thom invites him out later, but Gerry declines. He's leaving and doesn't want only a one night stand.

But Gerry shows up anyway, testing fate to see if him and Thom would be brought together one more time. When they do meet a second time, well... Gerry doesn't believe in chance. He thinks he and Thom can have something more, even if he's leaving soon. Then all hot shenanigans ensue. 

There's Something About a Kilt is a sexy good time. It's mostly erotic, with a little but of plot. But I really liked the little bit of plot there was. Especially Gerry. I liked his view on fate. If him and Thom were brought together twice, he wasn't going to fight it. Maybe they could be more? Worth a shot.

There isn't an HEA and barely even a HFN. But with short stories like this, I'm OK with that. I don't want something unbelievable and wrapped up with a perfect bow. They met, had fun... now let's see where it goes.
“'Not the end?'
'Not even close.'"
Hopefully, there's more of these two. While I was happy with the ending, I would definitely love to see where it goes from here.

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