Review: The Captain's Men (Adrift) by T.J. Land

The Prayer and her crew have been lost in space for four years. Thomas is lonely and homesick; Zachery is angry and mutinous; Rick is just terrified. And all of them are really in need of a fuck.

The only thing holding them together is their captain, an aloof, sharp-tongued man whose methods of keeping up morale are unconventional, but extremely effective. But now the captain has a choice to make: do they continue their fruitless search for a way home or try to start a new life in this strange galaxy?

Soooooo, THIS was fun. Honestly, the author had me at the first paragraph in the blurb, especially the last line, “And all of them were in need of a fuck.” That is a philosophy I can get behind, on top of and from the side.

The Captain’s Men is a novella length story with quite a few characters, but there was no trouble following along and their personalities kept them distinguishable throughout. Now, keep in mind the personalities I’m talking about are based on how (and who) they like to bone and connect with. These guys have been floating around in space for four years with really no hope of getting home. The Captain runs a tight ship, he believes in the importance of a strict regimen to keep everyone in line and to keep mutiny at bay.

Because of space science-y things, they really don’t have to worry about running out of food or water, they just have to worry about going batshit crazy as they meander through space. Good thing the Captain is a lusty bastard and manages to find a way to distract the crew.

Thomas is the first of the crew to cross the line with the Captain. As I said, each of the crew members is completely unique in their sexual appetites and kinks which is what made this story so great to read. Each encounter with the Captain was uniquely dirty and/or sweet. I sometimes keep random ass notes when I’m reading a review book and I did that with this one to keep the characters fresh in my fevered brain. These were just quick impressions of them, but looking back, they’re pretty spot on (even if a little rambly). Allow me to introduce the crew (I didn’t change my original thoughts):

Thomas – Captain luster with a Captain’s Foot fetish

Rick – ‘Straight’ horticulturalist stoner

Zachery – Fighter, fucker

Echo – Quiet loner. Ship weirdo, BUT the Captain gets him

Antoine – asexual first mate – they fight constantly, but that’s because there’s a paaaassssst!

Captain – Lusty doesn’t even begin to describe this dude

A note on the Captain, I really like him. He’s Pirate-y Captain-y and is always in control, even at the lustiest of moments. The Captain takes care of his men in ways that are customized especially for each of them. He’s basically a Dick Whisperer and I have a lot of respect for him and his skills.

My only complaint was the orgy scene that wasn’t. Opportunity. Wasted. The crew was all coming together to get ready to cum together, the banter was getting all inclusive and delicious, annnnnnd fade to black. Dafuq? That being said, the conversations between Antoine and the Captain at the end were really good and very enlightening, I appreciated what the author did there. Plus what she did with Echo. I have a real soft spot for the underdog and the misunderstood characters, so the fact that the Captain is a bit of a champion for Echo can make me almost forgive the Great Orgy That Wasn’t.


Regardless, I’m hooked on the story and the characters and have already snatched up the next in the series. It really is a lot of fun, but I am expecting an orgy at some point. That’s really not too much for a Unicorn to ask for, not really.

For more info on The Captain's Men, Adrift, check it out on Goodreads.

**a copy of this lusty tale was provided for an honest review**

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