Review: Underneath His Armor (Outlaw MC #2) by James COX

What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws? As President of the Outlaw MC of Mars, Knox needs to keep his head clear and always stay on alert. That’s easier said than done. In the middle of this war with the government, another MC wants to start making some big moves. Knox knows they need to watch their back but he always wants to protect his club brothers. The laws are too chaotic not to bend and try to break. Women are for breeding. Dark skinned men are slaves. Homosexuals are executed. He had a problem with all of them. Especially the last part, because Knox was in love with his Vice President.

Knox and Liam grew up watching each other’s back. That didn’t change when they were both sent to prison or when they turned helplessness into a thriving motorcycle club. But Knox is determined to keep Liam at a distance to keep the MC objective safe. Then Liam is injured and Knox is faced with a terrible truth. What if Liam dies before Knox can say just how much he loves the sexy VP?

Explosions, hover bikes, corruption and hot sex. Mars is supposed to be humanities savoir but will it keep two men from finding happiness in each other arms?

I can tell this is going to be one of those series where, every time I finish a book I’ll be all,

“Those two dudes are my favorite”

and then the next one will be,

“Ok, now THOSE two are my favorite. Don’t tell the others!”

I was hooked after meeting Chaos and Beau in Chaos Unchained, but then I got to meet Knox (Outlaw) and Liam (Lover) in Underneath his Armor. These two had it all going on. They’d been best friends forever, they are both full members of the Outlaw MC, and they are both totally badass. They’ve also been in love and denying it for way too long.

It makes sense since they have their priorities, they need to take down Wexman and right the wrongs on Mars. But, by focusing all their energies on their altruistic goals, they are missing the amazing thing that is right in front of them. Well, Outlaw mostly. He’s the leader so he holds himself to a higher standard and doesn’t think he can afford the distraction that is Lover. It’s SO obvious he’s in more than just lust though and it was both sweet and frustrating reading his inner dialog.

There were some seriously hot moments that didn’t even have much to do with either MC, but man did it ratchet up the UST. The scene in the clubhouse bar? Yeah, that’s the one. Highly recommended. It was some sweet torture for them both and a hell of a lot of fun.

There was an exciting mission that gave even more insight into the world they’re living in. It was dangerous and heroic. It also put some things into perspective for Outlaw. He could have lost the one thing that meant more to him than anything and he finally realized that the torture he was putting himself through was even more distracting than just letting himself go after what he wanted and a chance of happiness in an environment of misery.

My favorite thing about these two was, underneath all that badassery, they were really sweet and romantic together. Not in a hearts and flowers way, but in a way that has more meaning. They had those little moments that I love. Like calling each other by their given names when they finally get down to really talking (among other things) and their reactions to each other were honest and damn hot.

Like all COX books, there are amazing sentences, one of my favorites in Underneath His Armor was:

“Harley could charm the foreskin off a dick.”


Speaking of Harley, I hope we get more of him at some point. I like him muchly. Purrrrrrr.

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**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**

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  1. Let's not forget that it's not only Harley that can "charm the foreskin off a dick" - it's the author too! James Cox (the suave, sexy, sweet-talker, that he is) has charmed many a woman/man. My favourite saying of 2015 so far, no doubt he will surprise us more with Deviant being released next week - we shall see.