Review: The God Code Nephilim Prophecy (The God Code #1) by Adrienne Wilder

Genre:Fantasy & Paranormal
Indigo Black is Palet: a human cursed with the ability to see the Demonic, trained to hunt and kill them. Since the peace Covenant was implemented by the Church, Palet have not been allowed to seek out the Demonic. And the one time Indigo challenged the Covenant nearly cost him the life of his lover and guardian angel, Ariel. Indigo was forced to watch Ariel suffer. They broke his wings and cast him out of Heaven, and the burden of that guilt has cost Indigo everything.

But now the rules are changing. The Demonic have broken the Covenant by creating a creature that should not exist: a Nephilim with a human soul who can withstand being possessed by the most dangerous members of the Demonic Parliament.

With the rise in power of the Demonic, Indigo must face the darkest battles of his life: one which will decide the fate of mankind, and another which will decide the fate of his heart.

I love the world Adrienne Wilder created here - demons, palets (demon hunters for the uninitiated), nephilim, an unsteady truce between heaven and's fantastic.

Indigo is a Palet. He has the ability to see demons and the training to hunt - and kill - them. He is one of the last in a dying breed. Things are done differently these days, a covenant set up between heaven and hell - or at least, the church and demons - means that it is no okay to just go and kill demons any more, even if they are using humans in nefarious ways. In writing it all seems to be on the legitimate side, humans are the only creatures gifted with free will, the right to make choices, if the choice they make is to mix with demons...well it's their bed and they must lay on it. Except demons are sneaky bastards not at all averse to tricking human, trouble is, tricked or not, if the human made the choice with free will there can be no intervention. Basically it's the church trying to find the easy way out of a bloody horrible problem. Of course things are never that simple.

Indigo gets dragged into a fight that seems impossible to win, even with the back up of his true love, fallen guardian angel, Ariel. I loved the intricacies of this story. The whys and who's. The struggle for power that is being fought by the demons and church alike, and the struggle for love that is the centre of both Indigo and Ariel. True, it's a love Indigo is ignoring and denying for a good part of the story, but really it's the back-bone of his actions and reactions. He believes in good and he believes in love. He believes in humans and doing the right thing, even when the price is high.

A complex world and a story full of twist and turns. It definitely falls into the spectrum of three dimensional characters. Are the 'good' guys always good? Are the 'bad' guys always bad? Whose right is it to decide good and bad and right and wrong? The human soul, that =which gives us free will, so coveted by those who don't have one. If it is free will though, do other humans have the right to decide for us what we can and can't do? It's complicated, beautifully written, engaging and I really, really want to read more in this series. Adrienne Wilder is an author I've had the pleasure of reading a few times in the last year - and I'm getting more and more drawn into her writing style and the wonderful worlds she creates. A recommended read from me!
A copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest review.
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  1. Always thought Demons were underrated when it came to books. I like the idea of what is good? Mix the two together? let's see what I've got. On my list to read.