Review: Just This Once by A.J. Ridges

When the geeky kid Nick used to bully returns home as a successful and incredibly sexy man, Nick’s hidden desires flair to life. 

Nick is all grown up, but he still can’t admit his feelings for Seth. After one shared night of pleasure, Nick walks away confused and insecure. However, when another man is suddenly interested in Seth, Nick has a decision to make — face his fears and fight for what he wants, or risk losing Seth forever...

This is a complete, short, smutty romance containing explicit m/m sexual situations, content and language, intended for adult readers.

This is another sexy little story by A.J. Ridges. (I previously reviewed Just A Game here.). This one is a friends-to-lovers story and it starts out with a bang. Literally! As the blurb states, Seth and Nick "shared a night of pleasure". However, instead of that being the start of a new and fulfilling relationship, it left them both alone and confused.

Honestly, the premise behind Nick and Seth having sex the first time is a bit absurd if you try to rationalize it but I just rolled with it. I chose to read this story as erotica, not to be taken too seriously. Now don't dismiss this just because it's erotica. This story does have an underlying romance so it’s more than just porn. It's the story of Nick and Seth overcoming their past so they can have a future. I’d call it a “fantasy erotic romance”. 

"Just This Once" is a fun and entertaining read. A.J. delivers steamy sex and a short, romantic story all in one neat little package. Get you copy for less than a buck at Amazon or Smashwords.

A copy was provided by the Author for an honest review. This is an erotic short story and I rated it accordingly.

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  1. You can't get a cup of coffee for £0.99p! "fantasy erotic romance"? - gotta be worth a read.

    1. Hi Lorraine! *waves*
      If you check this one out please let me know what you think. *hugs*