Review: Labyrinth of Stone by T.A. Moore

Ten years ago the Black Rapture transported thousands of people, seemingly at random, from Earth to the strange, inimical world they call the Labyrinth. Will Teller was one of them. Surviving that meant joining an army and becoming better at killing than he's comfortable with. It's enough upheaval for anyone's life. The only problem is, apparently no one told his commanding officer that.

Pride, and heart, stung by abandonment, the icily controlled General Nathan Kearney has decided that Teller can either find the wayward lover, or he can take his place in Nathan's bed. That's pretty good motivation for a straight guy, only thing is - Teller's sexuality seems to have gone a bit Magic-8 Ball on that issue. Suddenly Nathan's starting to look pretty good, and the only question is whether or not Teller wants to be the consolation prize? 

I'm giving the benefit of the doubt and assuming this is going to be a series, or there will be at least a sequel. Because, holy cliffhanger!

Labyrinth of Stone was fast paced, with lots of action and tons of smark.

Ten years ago, these people were mysteriously and randomly transported to a place they call the Labyrinth. They don't know where they are, or why or how they got there. Teller is part of the army that protects the Keep. Kearney and his ex, Colt, started this army to protect the Keep from the threats of the mysterious place they live in. The world they live in is brutal, and everyone is just trying to survive with what they have, which isn't much.

When the story starts, Colt has left.  Kearney isn't quite sure how to deal with his lover up and leaving him. In his version of coping, he has sex with anyone who resembles his ex-lover. But he starts to notice that Teller is hot. He really starts to notice. Teller's not sure how to react to this. Well, his dick knows how to react, just not the rest of him.

I really liked Teller. He was snarky and fun. Even though he's straight, he didn't rule out being with Kearney, instead he kind of went for it.

I'm not sure how I feel about Kearney... he's not at all nice. He was rude, too possessive and not very likeable. He's totally messed up about his ex. He is obviously not over him, but is still way into Teller and not only in a one night stand kind of way.

They had some tension and, being both alpha males, there was fighting along the way. I don't know... I'm not too keen on MC's hitting each other. It really bothers me. I mean, they're on the same side, working together, right? Just because someone is bothering you doesn't mean you get to hit them, no matter who you are, male or female. It's something that I see in M/M romance that I just can't get behind.

Just like any start to a series, there's a lot of world building to muck through. I admit to being confused, but I also think there were quite a few holes. What was with the moss people? And the blood? The reach? I'm not entirely sure. It didn't help that I wasn't invested enough to go back and reread. I was at the point where I just wanted to finish and didn't want to put any more time into trying to figure it all out.

But, there's bound to be some fun love-triangle drama coming! If there's anything I'll read book 2 for, it's the return of Colt and how Teller is going to react. It should be great fun!

I think as the series continues (again, assuming this will be a series), and the world building becomes clearer, it will be an exciting ride.

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Is it just me, or did anyone else find the blurb confusing? Hate cliffhangers, so I'll wait and see if their is a book 2?