Review: Mr. Jaguar by K.A. Merikan

--- One day you’ll be pumping my gas ---

Mike Miller’s life has gone to shit. The formerly popular high school quarterback now works at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. The last thing he needs is meeting the guy he used to bully at school and seeing him all sorts of polished up. James is now the proud owner of an amazing silver Jaguar and a self-made millionaire. It seems that the day couldn’t get any worse for Mike, but James ‘Lovelace’ Austin might just turn out to be his golden ticket out of the job he hates.

When James Austin meets Mike Miller, his high school crush and tormentor all in one, working at an old, dirty gas station, it feels as if the stars have finally aligned in his favor. He wants to finally get his revenge on the guy, but when Mike turns out to be gay, the whole afternoon takes a turn for the surreal. Instead of just humiliating Mike at his workplace, James decides to hire him for a weekend at a conference he’s attending. A hot guy by his side is the only accessory James needs to rub his success in the faces of his frenemies.

Only problem is, a gay Mike Miller might be too much of a blast from the past than James ever expected. If James wants his nerdy heart safe from the hunky jock, he needs to keep Mike at arms length. The task would be a lot easier if Mike wasn’t unashamedly hitting on James. Or is it just James’s money Mike is after?

My take: a hokier version of Pretty Woman except, y’know, Mike’s not an actual hooker. He’s just a dumb jock down on his luck when the high school, gay nerd happens to stop at the Vega Gas & Motel in his bright, shiny, new Jag. Kind of prophetic considering James did tell him one day he would, in fact, be pumping his gas.

The Merikans do seem to have a soft spot for characters that aren’t very bright. What Mike does have going for him, aside from his hot bod is his bluntness. I chuckled when he said he wanted to “bury his face in it and sleep there” when referring to James’s ass. I got the big eyes AND snortled when he laid this gem on James:

“That was great, I’m gonna fuck you so hard tonight if you win more cash.”

I gotta hand it to the dude. He’s got shock value down to a fine art, though I’m not quite sure Michelle Obama would ever say that to her man. In public. Well, maybe…
The trope of enemies to lovers is tried and true. Taking it all the way back to high school and the nerd redeeming himself AND turning out to be a hottie was enjoyable. I'm glad James and Mike worked out their problems and they're happy together. For now. I'm not sure I really liked either one of them, though. Some of the antics with the conference douchebags got old. I did quite enjoy the paint ball expedition and the shack. Quite.
All told, the Merikans delivered on the prompter’s request and my thanks to them for participating in the LL event.

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