Review: City Knight (City Knight #1) by T.A. Webb

What happens when two broken men collide?

Marcus works the streets of Atlanta, determined to keep it a safe place. An ex-cop, he buried his heart years ago. Ben works the same streets, selling himself to pay for college. The victim of a horrible crime, he decided to Just. Not. Care.

When their chance meeting leads to an unlikely attraction, will the ghosts that haunt them bring them closer, or separate them forever?

Caution: This is the first in a three part series, and you WILL want to come back for part 2. Hot men WILL have sex, and I can guarantee hot angst in my stories.

"Marcus, Marcus, Marcus, you've been holding back on me. Hiding all… that behind those old man clothes. I hope you're a top, because that," he looked down at Marcus's cock, so hard and long and thick, "has to go in me."

Word. I triple dog dare you not to drool. This little jewel that's only fifty pages packs one helluva naughty, sweltering hot and action-packed punch. How Mr. Webb always makes me believe his protags have formed a bond in so few pages continues to amaze me. 

You would think with that quote coupled with a rent boy twink that this would be PWP. Not so. Not so. City Knight is the beginning of the City Knight series which centers on Ben and Marcus *hopefully* helping each other put the pieces of their battered selves back together. They both have baggage and, it seems, that baggage came back to bite Benjamin in the ass. It does end on a cliff. Thankfully, they're all published so I can just press on to part deux of this bear/twink romance..

I've said it before but I'll say it again twinks and bears go together like… peaches and cream, PB&J, duck and fruit… ok, I'm getting weird now. You know what makes that pairing better? When the bear is growly. Marcus is one growly bear.

But, wait! The bestest thing about Marcus happens when he and Ben finally meet. He offers to take Ben to a late night waffle breakfast, Ben tells him his name and Marcus automatically starts calling him Benjamin. *nodding* THEN they get to the restaurant and the twink waiter thinks he can get a little too familiar with Marcus and gets smacked on the ass! IN THE RESTAURANT!!! HOHOHOHOHOHOHO HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE HAHAHAHAHA!!! I see the raised eyebrows. Don't worry the kid dug it probably as much as I dug this story. T.A. Webb strikes again.

*round of applause*

Great storytelling plus hotness plus action, who can say no to that?

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  1. Love, love, love this review, OKW! Off now to add then one click. Thank you ma'am. :)

  2. It's a goodie. Enjoy. I would ask if you wanted to BR the next one but I know how you do. ;)