Review: Chasing My Dream by Jeff Erno

Sixteen year old Nash Adams feels like the token gay guy in his small, northern Michigan high school. When his boyfriend dumps him on the very night they're supposed to go to the carnival together, Nash wonders if he'll ever find the guy of his dreams. Later that night, beneath a full moon, Nash gazes into the midnight sky and sees a shooting star. At the urging of his best friend Cala, he halfheartedly makes a wish. A few miles away, Caleb Cummings lies on the beach staring up at the sky when he notices a star that seems to be moving. He makes a wish of his own. When Nash and Caleb fall asleep that night, they wake up together. Though at first confused, it doesn't take long to figure out what has happened. They've entered each other's dreams. Initially they're each convinced the other is a figment of their imagination, but when the phenomena continues to occur, night after night, Nash wonders if there might be a way to find Caleb in real life. It shouldn't be difficult to find someone in this modern, technological age. But as he begins his search, he faces numerous frustrating obstacles. Eventually he has to decide if it is even worth the effort to keep searching for an imaginary friend. Maybe he should give up on his dream guy and look for someone in the real world.

Low ansgt and highly adorable.

Both Nash and Caleb want a boyfriend so badly that they wish on a shooting star to find someone. They wish for each other and on the same shooting star. D'aaawww! 

Everything was very serendipitous and you really need to suspend your disbelief in order to enjoy this sweet tale. Once I got to the point where I realized, 'Yes, they wished for each other and yes, they meet in each others dreams and that's OK,' I was able to completely devour and really like Nash and Caleb.

They tried to go through the trouble of finding each other outside of their dreams, but it couldn't be forced. Nash would try FB and then Caleb wouldn't have access to a computer. Or they would go to the same restaurant and just miss each other. Etc. Serendipity. Tis a bitch.

Both had some serious struggles to deal with in their real lives, Caleb more than Nash, but I liked that, even though they didn't really know each other, they were fully supportive. They had this whole 'we were meant to be together' vibe right from the start and they just went with it. They did have their suspicions and doubts, but I think that they really knew that they met for a reason, no matter how crazy it all sounded. They believed in each other and it showed.

Caleb. Poor, Caleb. He had to deal with a lot of crap from his parents. His mom did (mostly) win me over, but it really wasn't enough. She's still on my list. I can't believe that a mother would let someone talk to her kid like that. No matter who they were! Ugh. She didn't deserve her ending.

Speaking of endings, it was completely predictable, but by this point I was already used to all the coincidental happenings, so it fit.

All in all, super cute and I'll be looking forward to reading more from Jeff Erno.

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