It's Like This by Anne O'Gleadra Blog Tour and GIVEAWAY!


Anne O'Gleadra is here today to talk about her book, It's Like This, the history of the story and to give away a copy to one super awesome BMBR follower. Leave us a comment and your email address and you'll be entered to win - WOOP!

Enjoy the blurb . . .

A brave and funny love story about the anxieties, insecurities, and heartaches that drive people apart and bring them back together, It’s Like This is the journey of Niles and Rylan, as they learn to communicate in the shadow of a life-changing illness.

Niles and Rylan have been together a long time. They have great sex, they are deeply intimate, and Rylan never holds back on displaying his affection. As far as their family and friends are concerned, they’re an established couple, and yet, after three years of being “together”, Niles is still unsure if they’re actually in a relationship.

As their sexual intensity reaches a dangerous tipping point, Niles must find the courage to articulate how he feels in order to try and keep the only thing he has ever wanted. Emotional and compelling, It’s Like This is a must-read for true romantics.


It's Like This has been a long journey in the making and Anne gives us a glimpse into how the story came from her fevered brain to our hot little hands . . . take it away Anne . . .

I started writing It's Like This in 2007, while attending university. I was a theatre kid, and when I wasn't at school I would lock myself in my room and write, write, write. It was a real thrill, because it was kind of the first time I allowed myself to admit that yes, kink--especially BDSM--was something that I liked: something that both interested me and gave me feelings of both the romantic and lady-boner variety.

While I was finally admitting it to myself, I was absolutely not admitting it to the rest of the world, and so I didn't have any good explanations for ignoring my roommate/best friend for hours at a time and hiding behind closed doors.

When I posted the first chapter online, I was actually terrified. I might have been hiding behind a screen name, but that didn't mean people couldn't call me out on being a creep or a pervert or whatever other words kink-shamers like to throw around. But that didn't happen! Instead people were incredibly encouraging and positive and even asked to read more! I didn't go in with a plot in mind, and I think that showed--the original version lagged in the second half, some of the attitudes were sort of sexist and slut-shamey, and some of the drama was a touch too dramatic. And so, when Deb McGowan approached me and said that she'd like to publish it, I was excited to get the chance to edit it up a bit! Hence the newly published version of It's Like This now available from Beaten Track Publishing here or here!

We are totally with you on the boners Anne! Thanks so much for the visit, the story and the giveaway! Don't forget to leave us a comment and your email address!


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