Review: Blue Collar by Sean Michael

Kendall Webber is deep in the closet. Between working as a mechanic in a garage, having served in the army during the era of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and being raised by a fundamentalist-preacher stepfather who sent him to summer camps to make him straight, he’s learned to hide his sexuality from absolutely everyone.

Still, when a tall, dark, and handsome stud named Barton Willis III roars into the garage in his vintage Mustang, Kendall can’t help but look admiringly and longingly at the man, just a little. And when the flirtatious Barton not only looks back but eagerly invites him to explore his hidden desires, Kendall’s whole world is turned upside-down.

Now, the question remains...can Barton help Kendall let go of the past and the attitudes he’s had, literally, beaten into him?

Sunny: 3.5 Hearts
Virgin kink? Step right up and get your blushing, nervous, and incredibly turned on virgin here. That's right, a sweet, needy virgin, all for you. Wait, not all for you, you have to share him with a growly, appreciative top who has a predilection for kissing, biting, and nipple pinching. And...he has toys!

It's a party! 

Don't think about how fast everything happens or how unlikely this Cinderella story is, and ignore the continuity issues...just relax and enjoy the steamy goodness.

3.5 hearts for me, but please read on for more complete reviews from SheReadsALot and Optimist!

SheReadsALot: 3.5 Hearts
After a six month self imposed Sean Michael drought, Baby went back to the Warped Zone

Please note, I rate Sean Michael stories a little different than most. I compare the last one read to the current one. The last one was 2 stars and DNF due to the fact it was a watered down version of a bunch of his books. He has a formula, I get it. This author is the king of minimal sentencing. I just--*sighs* I don't know if I finally started to drink the abundant spunk filled waters in Sean Michael Warped Zone but the story wasn't half bad.

He uses the SM standard words, "aching, needing, wanting, oh, fuck, mine, growling, needy, Baby" (yep that's where Baby's from), however, I will update my Sean Michael dictionary to the latest version because "merging" is now added to the list.

"Inside me?"
"Yes. My cock. Your ass. Merged."

More merging this time. O_O 
And of course, eating Italian food and CANNOLI GOBBLING!

There's a closeted virgin who went to one of those gay rehabilitation camps for his formative years, so now as a young adult (I think Kendall is in his early 20's) gay=bad to him. I think the author was trying to add depth to his character...but this Sean Michael. Depth don't live here anymore!

Kendall, a retired soldier cum mechanic is a virgin and lives in his car. He was kicked out his house by his evil preacher stepfather, don't you know? This shit sounds like an epic premise for a novel. But the story is not angsty at all because it's SM. Instead, Ken's problems get solved through cumeating, sounding and butt plugging. He needs therefore he jizz? 

Whatever. Who cares?! Barton is a rich investment manager, banker...something with money where he's super rich and drives a cherry red Mustang. He takes one look at Kendall and can tell he's gay, needing and in need of his dick in his ass.

The two fall in instalove within days (which is decades in Sean Michael Warper zone), then homophobic coworkers make it rough for a few pages around 75%...but not too much focus is on that. Let's get back to eating Italian food and sounding, m'kay?

Is it worse than the last SM I read? Nope. It wasn't bad and actually decent. Ends with a HEA and there's tons of sex.
My rating: 3.5 hearts. Don't read too much into it, keep your hands inside during the ride, sit back and welcome to the Warped Zone. 

Don't frown or a butt plug will find its way inside you! 

Optimist ♰King's Wench♰:  DNF
First, let me say that I truly feel badly that I wasn’t able to finish this story. I requested it because I have a soft spot/weakness for SM, so it surprised no one more than I that I had to DNF.

I tried. I really tried to read it as porn which is what I’ve come to expect from SM. There is sure to be ‘needing’, ‘mine-ing’, probably a good heaping of penis sorcery and loads of sex. Ordinarily, I’m all over that like white on rice, but Blue Collar… just… we couldn’t make it work.

I have issues with the whole concept of ‘no’ meaning ‘yes’ and even bigger issues with the manipulation of others and both of those got triggered fairly early on in Blue Collar. Kendall kept saying ‘no’ and Barton kept on and on and on. I’m not down with that message. Porn or no porn.

Couple that with the fact that Barton is “white collar”, wealthy and intelligent whereas Kendall is portrayed as “blue collar” and a simpleton and I started to feel yucky. Barton is seemingly on a path to try to change Kendall, rarely listens to what he wanted even outside the bedroom which struck me as manipulative and, actually, something I see/hear a lot of women doing. Either you like someone for who they are or you don’t and if you’re thinking that you’re going to change that person with your love… good luck with that.

What sent the last nail in the coffin at 39% was the sounding. Kendall’s a virgin. VIRGIN! He has been in the closet since forever, has been marginalized and probably brain washed by his highly devote parents, and you go from hand jobs to sounding? WTF? I had to throw the towel in there. Sorry, SM.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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