Guest Review: Bleeding Like Me by Riley Parks


He didn't paint people; the curves of their bodies and angles of their faces never interested him as much as cityscapes. The circumstances of his life had compelled him to create new worlds that he could get lost in rather than reflect the features of the people he ran from. He constructed buildings from their foundations, making them taller and stronger than he was. He adorned the edifices with countless windows, always left open or cracked so hope could pour in and fears could seep out. Tree lined streets reminded him how to breathe, pumping oxygen through the atmosphere, off the canvas, and into his lungs.

He didn't paint people until the day he no longer desired the anonymity of his cities. The streets didn't feel like his escape anymore, not like him. Cerulean skies gave way to pale blue eyes and bus routes to pink pouts. Evan didn't paint people until he painted Jackson.

Guest Reviewer - Annika

So this is going to be an unpopular review and really going against what seems like everyone else. So please, do not discard this book because of me, because most people seems to love it. I just couldn't and that's all on me.

There are a few things that rub me the wrong way and many of them were in this book. Let's start with the opening of the book. Two things that puts me off are; starting in the middle (or beginning/end) of a sex scene. Unless the MC is a sex worker of some kind this is just so unnecessary. Second is finding yourself in the middle of an action scene before you've been introduced to the characters. This book sadly starts with the second option, so we immediately get off on the wrong foot.

Then I just found myself rolling my eyes and forcing myself to read line by line. Not page to page, which you can force yourself through a lot. No, I struggled with each line. It was just the general feeling that the book evoked. Like I was reading about teenage wannabe tough guy, the whole "I'm too cool for my own good" mentality. And that really gets my back up. Add in the gang names and I was done.

These are all my personal feelings, and you should not discard the book because of them. Please, if the book sounds interesting to you, form your own decision and go from there.

A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review

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