Tag Team Review: Deal Maker by Lily Morton

Sometimes your mouth makes deals that your heart can’t honour.

Jude is a highly successful model, but a very reluctant one. His life is full of casual hook-ups with pretty men in glamorous locations, but it’s still empty. However, circumstances decreed a long time ago that this was his path, so he’s resolutely stayed on it and accepted his fate with good grace. He made a deal with himself and his hook-ups. Get in, get out and no ties with anyone.

However, an accident at home one night leads to him making a new deal and accepting the offer of help from an unlikely source. It leads to an unexpected summer of falling in love with a larger than life man and his child.

But by the end of the summer his reasons for not staying are still valid. Will he turn away? Can he?

Asa is a talented actor who has spent time away from the scene to look after his son. But now he’s back, and the last thing he needs are complications from the gorgeous man who is staying with him. Scarred from too many betrayals, he has no intention of forming a lasting tie with anyone. However, he can’t resist the beautiful man with secrets, and to his horror he develops feelings.

But a deal’s a deal and they said it was just for the summer. What can Asa do with a man who has forever in his eyes and goodbye on his lips?

From the Amazon bestselling author of ‘Rule Breaker’ comes another scorchingly hot romantic comedy.

4.75 average

Lost in a Book - 4.5 Hearts

Well Ladies and Gents, it’s official- Lily Morton has been added to my automatic author list. If she writes it, I’ll read it.

I really enjoyed this story with Jude and Asa along with the frequent appearances from the fabulous Dylan and Gabe.

I loved almost everything about Jude. He’s sassy, loyal, loving, funny, and intelligent. When his ceiling caves in from water damage, he’s directed to visit Asa for possible boarding in exchange for being his assistant. And man did Jude assists his ass off for Asa.

Asa. *swoon* He has this warm, friendly, intelligent, larger than life temperament that compliments Jude’s so well. He's a gentle giant that can also be snarky and give as good as he gets. Unfortunately for Jude, Asa despises models and thinks they are all pretty much a waste of space that lack brain cells. Unfortunately for Asa, he doesn’t hide his opinion and makes it clear to Jude on their first meet exactly what he thinks of models.

Hilarity ensures as Jude wins Oscars daily by acting the part of brainless model. I laughed my ass off at his antics and giggled as Asa begins to pick up on them as well. Both men have a ton of baggage due to family issues and burns from past relationships. They're quick to judge and very slow to knock down the walls. Their intimate relationship progressed slowly but their emotional connection grew organically as their relationship evolved from boss/employee to friends and then finally to lovers. Their chemistry from the beginning was delicious but once the sexy times kicked in, Yowzaaaaaa. I loved (seems I keep on gushing) how nothing was rushed and I believed each stage of their relationship.

Another star of the show was Billy, Asa’s son. Billy is a cheeky little thing and connects with Jude right away. It was sweet to see that side of Jude and Asa with Billy. Being a parent of a little one that rocks the terrible twos daily, I usually stay away from books with young kids because mental breaks from real life are needed to save my sanity. However, I really enjoyed the sweetness and humor that he brought to the story.

So with all this gushing why not 5 stars? Gabe and Dylan still hold the number one spot for my heart within this series. Jude drove me a tad bit crazy at times with his inner monologue of want a relationship but I can’t. I understood his reasoning but wished that thought train wasn’t so frequent. I still love him though.

Asa and Jude got their HEA and we were given an epic sugary sweet high. Ahhh the epilogue....pure sugar, not the knock off low calorie crap but the real shit we use in the country for our sweet teas. So Good.

Just in case it isn't clear, Loved it. Loved Asa and Jude. Loved the secondary characters (especially Peggy). Love Lily Morton. Love this series. Definitely recommended.

"Love is simple. Humans are complicated.”

P.S. I love Henry too...*hint* *hint* Henry is also a GINGERRRRR *twirls* I'll wait not so patiently for his story. *stalks Lily again*

Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ - 5 Hearts

You know those book experiences where from the start you can't stop smiling? That was me from the start, a dรฉjร  vu of Rule Breaker, so I completely agree with Lost about this author now moving into auto-buy territory. I found myself, yet again, having separation anxiety from Asa and Jude just as I did with Gabe and Dylan. So as soon as I finished it I immediately went to read the extra on her website and here I sit still feeling the loss. Lily Morton sprinkled her sparkledust again.

I think what makes her characters so special is their accessibility, relatability. Despite both Asa and Jude having somewhat posh jobs (actor and model) they are two simple men who are trying to traverse life's obstacles and tribulations all while believing they'll never have what they most want: someone to share their life. They've both tried and failed and are set on traveling light from here on out. Not that either are dour or forlorn, quite the contrary.

Asa is a big lumbersexualized un with a man bun... wait. I need a minute. ๐Ÿ˜ to the ๐ŸŒ‘ and ๐ŸŒŽ Sorry. I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah, he's got a larger than life personality that draws people in and puts them at ease. People want to be around him so his house is always full and loud. Jude is younger with a sharp wit, enough snark and sass to rival Deadpool (minus the guns and killing, avocado face and stuff) and fiercely loyal. I was smitten with both of them, particularly the correspondence at the beginning of each chapter courtesy of Jude.

Jude's been hired as Asa's assistant despite him being a "vapid, air headed model" and makes it his personal mission to prove himself the King of the Nitwits; it was seriously funny too. I chortle-snorted multiple times. But his intelligence shines through and soon Asa is on to the game. Their attraction to each other is palpable and with each evolution of their relationship it grows stronger.

Several of my buttons were pushed when it came to Asa and Jude: age difference, size difference, they're both loud, uninhibited, raw and tend to be messy during the sexy times and they're desperate for each other every. single. time.

Even in a semi-public place. Ripped shirts, missing buttons, hair askew, still a lil sweaty, beard burn... #deceased

Their chemistry and the evolution of their relationship drew me in and didn't let go, still hasn't let go to be honest. Even the conflict was believable and, thankfully, short-lived. All this along with the fantastic secondary characters-Billy, Peggy, Dylan, Gabe, Henry-just... made me feel good; it's chicken soup for the heart, even Amos and his tiny black cloud.

If you want a feel good read/series look no further than this one and now I can't wait to see who Lily Morton will make me form an yet another possibly strange, possibly unhealthy attachment to in the next one. Fingers crossed it's Henry.

Review copies were provided in exchange for honest reviews.

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