Tag Team Review: Song and Key (The Men from GLEN #1) by Alix Bekins and Connie Bailey

So-called monsters won’t hold these spies back!

For two secret agents on a mission to a secluded Romanian village, the toughest fight they face may not be against the folktale monsters lurking in the foggy mountains and old ruins, but against their unlikely attraction to each other.

Keller Key is the top operative at the covert Global Law Enforcement Network—and boy does he know it. Sexy half-Ukrainian, half-Korean Sevastyan Song is a close second. When the agents go undercover to investigate an old friend’s suspicious death, it soon becomes clear something sinister is afoot in the ancient forest and decrepit abbey. If an evil organization doesn’t spell the end of them, the angry locals might. But if they’re going to conquer their enemies, they need to keep their hands off each other and their minds on the case, in a rivals-to-lovers paranormal mash-up that gives new meaning to spy-on-spy action.


R *A Reader Obsessed* - 3.5 Promising Hearts!

The authors preface this story with the fact that they were inspired by the movie “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” and I could totally feel the spirit of it coursing through this with a little bit of Pine & Hardy chemistry from “This Means War” (minus Reese Witherspoon of course).

I will say this. I absolutely love love love the premise. Who doesn’t want to read about two spies at the top of their game, who have a not so little rivalry brewing and a lot of attraction simmering between them? Anyone?? Keller Key is the epitome of brash and impulsive with a sex drive to rival James Bond, and he just loves to push Seva Snow’s buttons. On the other hand, Snow is more reserved and by the book, and loves to make sure Key’s actions never seem to make him sweat nor bat an eyelash.

Know that there’s a ton of banter between these two as they investigate their boss’s friend’s suspicious death. It was fun, it was smart, but perhaps a bit too much? Song and Key bicker a lot. It’s definitely a you’re infuriatingly annoying that drives me to drink but are quite attractive I can’t seem to get you off my mind I want to punch you in the face throw you up against a wall and ravish you sort of dynamic. *snort*

Also know that this reads as straight contemporary where the paranormal aspect is highly suspect and mostly found to be a farce, but then there’s certain elements thrown in that make you question reality… and the end result?? These two come out of their mission irrevocably changed and wholeheartedly all in with each other.

This could’ve been waaaaay more smexy than it was, and I’m a bit peeved with the fade to black scene because that was completely unnecessary. Just saying. *grumbles*

However again, a very promising start. I’m definitely intrigued and I really look forward to what these two authors will bring next to this series regarding the future adventures and crazy antics of snarky sexy, top notch agents Snow and Key! Write faster, please!

Thank you to the author/publisher for a copy in exchange for an honest review

Sara - 4.5 Hearts

What a fun start to a new series and what a great introduction to this amazing, hilarious, and sexy couple/partners that are Agents Song and Key.

This was fun. I love it when a romance has two characters who seemingly annoy the hell out of one another and love to pick on each other because you know they like one another. It’s the quintessential playground rule of being mean to who you like but with these two, the banter they share is so far from being mean. It’s fun and it’s how they communicate with one another.

Though not normally partners, after finishing the last mission they were assigned on together, Agents Keller Key and Sevastyan Song are tasked with a non-mission from their boss to investigate the mysterious death of his friend in Romania. Neither man is happy about being paired with the other, but they go about what they are asked to do and get to work on what is supposed to be a vacation.

Yeah, I am going to say that there is a partner/couple that tends to creep into the subconscious whenever I read a new romance with a duo that starts as unwilling partners and ends up lovers. It’s hard not to compare so I let the emotions come and let them go. You can’t compare the two so just don’t. Okay. It makes reading this much more fun.

So, Keller and Seva are on their way to investigate this mysterious friend’s death and we get a whole lot of banter from them that makes me smile. These two are fun and the UST is buried so deep they don’t recognize it and I was waiting for them to explode when they finally did. I won’t say if there were explosions because there are a few elements that pop up in the story that make the relationship work and one word that is used *ahem* - four letters that rhyme with late but starts with an M- *ahem* that had me onboard and fast.

Being along with Seva and Keller when they first get to their room and realize there is only one bed was so much fun. Waking up with them the following morning gave me hope and then there is a hike with creepy fog, a possible vampire, maybe werewolves and that word again that had me ready for some serious acknowledgements.

They mystery of the fog and the friends’ death had a touch of the Scooby gang to it but this book is FUN so it fit. I loved how Key and Song fell into their relationship, how Key reacted when he realized the traditional villains plan and how Song was ready to fight ancient evil to not lose Keller.

I will say there is a bit of head hopping in this story that had me confused about who was doing what and sometimes the tense would switch but it’s not the first time a book has done that and yet I kept going and still loved the heck out of it. I mean, how could you not love these two as they bicker, flirt and fall for each other all while trying to figure out who done it and if what they see is real?

Goodness. There is stuff in this I can’t spoil so I will cut this review short. I loved this story and really hope the Men from GLENN get another mission because there is so much to explore with what was gained from both Agents Song and Key while in Romania.

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