Guest Review: Will & Patrick's Endless Honeymoon (Wake Up Married #7) by Leta Blake

Genius brain surgeon Patrick McCloud never thought he'd fall in love, let alone get married. He and Will Patterson are two years overdue for their honeymoon, and although romance doesn't come naturally to Patrick, he's determined to make it perfect.

Will works himself to the bone helping others and dealing with his family, who bring the drama nonstop. A tropical getaway without the usual shenanigans is just what the doctor ordered. But can Will's family leave them in peace? Knowing the Patterson-Molinaro clan, it's not likely...

Will and Patrick's Endless Honeymoon by Leta Blake continues the soapy, sexy fun of the original six part Wake Up Married serial. In Healing, South Dakota, marriage is never boring!

Reviewer: NeRdyWRYM

Gotta Love It

I somehow missed all the previous installments of this series somewhere along the line and damn! I didn't know what I was missing out on. These books were fabulous and the latest one took the cake.

I love offbeat MCs and this book (and series) probably has one of the best ones I've ever read. The author did a fantastic job portraying all of Patrick's quirks and idiosyncrasies without losing the heart and emotion he showed to very few. His other-ness was nothing short of genius.

And Will, poor little Guglielmo with his cray-cray freaking family. I mean ... whoa! He's a brick-shithouse with a heart of gold. Super sweet. Super real. Just plain out super.These two guys are like polar opposites in temperament. I could see the possibilities from the beginning, but don't be surprised if you can't right away. By the time we get to this book, there's obviously no question they belong together, but it was a little tricksy at the start.


The chemistry is off the charts, the relationship is awwww-inspiring and uber-hot at the same time. You get feels, you get heat, you get more feels and more heat. The plot is believable. The character development is spectacular. The relationship feels real to me as a reader; I can imagine these guys in real life and that makes me happy, happy, happy.

There's dirty talk. Dirrrrrrty talk. Holy shit, there's dirty talk. And not the icky porn kind either. This is the kind of dirty talk that raises the temperature, like, 100 degrees and makes you melt wherever you're sitting. It's the kind of dirty talk that makes you want to get horizontal naked somewhere ... immediately. Mm-hmm. Dirrrrrty.

so turned on dirrrrty

Rarely does anything make me get hot under the collar anymore. Desensitization? Too many overused tropes? Too much Groundhog Day in bedroom scenes? Might be a little bit of all of that, I guess. That is sooooo not the case here. Will and Patrick push my buttons like Ella Frank's Tate and Logan push my buttons. I mean phew!

The sex is hot. H-O-T. It's dirty, it's free, it's uninhibited, it's just ... orgasmically good. I don't know what else to say. Read 'em one-handed and weep. That's it. That's all I got. Read. Them. One-handed. And. Weep. The end.

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  1. This series is Days of Our Lives fanfiction, isn't it?

    1. No wait, I was wrong. It's Luke/Reid from As the World Turns.