Review: The Supers (The Supers #1) by Sean Michael

Hunting ghosts and finding more than they bargained for.

Blaine Franks is a member of the paranormal research group the Supernatural Explorers. When the group loses their techie to a cross-country move, newly graduated Flynn Huntington gets the job. Flynn fits in with the guys right off the bat, but when it comes to him and Blaine, it’s more than just getting along.

Things heat up between Blaine and Flynn as they explore their first haunted building, an abandoned hospital, together. Their relationship isn’t all that progresses, though, and soon it seems that an odd bite on Blaine’s neck has become much more.

Hitchhiking ghosts, a tragic love story forgotten by time, and the mystery of room 204 round out a romance where the things that go bump in the night are real.

I was a huge fan of show Ghost Hunters with Jason and Grant from TAPS. I loved that their reason to investigate the paranormal was to debunk the probability of ghosts being real yet both men had their own experiences with ghosts. I won’t go into detail, but I’ve had my share of experiences and had “the voodoo man” explain my gifts so this book sounded like it would be right up my alley.

I’m Blaine Franks, and with my buddies Flynn, Will, Jase, and Darnell, we’re the Supernatural Explorers.

It started out really good as we get to meet Blaine doing his daily business working at the family farm and the first impression he has of Flynn the new tech guy to possibly join The Supernatural Explorers. It’s group of four friends who like to hunt ghosts and who are all gay. Flynn gets the seal of approval from the boys and he begins a minor crush on the face of The Supers and Blaine begins a crush on Flynn as well.

“Are there any horror stories associated with the place?” Flynn asked. “I mean, obviously people died here, but were any of them under mysterious or sinister circumstances?”

“There was a mass shooting in the emergency room in the early sixties. Eight people died. Four nurses, two doctors, and two patients.”

The ghost hunting aspect of the book was what I loved the most. I liked the guys going into the Eugene Thurston Memorial Hospital, to see if they can get any readings of ghosties hanging out and doing what they do best. The mystery of what happened in Room 204 was what kept me reading the book and it was as tragic as I hoped it wouldn’t be.

We’re told Blaine and Flynn like each other but I never felt it. We are told a lot about what they feel and they tell us out loud how they feel but the chemistry was a hot as a cold spot in a haunted room. I felt absolutely nothing for either of these boys. Yeah, I am calling them boys because even though they are supposed to be 33 years old, they talk to one another like they are perpetually 12!

“You two just keep thrashing over the same shit,”

Honestly this book dragged and went from interesting to OMMFG can we stop rehashing the same issue over and over again?! I get it. Blaine has a bad feeling about Room 204 but the voices kept telling him to go there and Flynn wants to know what the big deal is but Blaine won’t talk and ugh. They beat that issue to death and kept torturing it.

There is sex in this but I skimmed it because of the dialogue during and just wanted to find out what happened in Room 204. An insta-relationship happens and I skimmed most of that too. I just wanted to find out what happened in Room 204. Do we see a theme here?

This had a strong beginning that I liked but it was Sean Michaeled to death. If you are familiar with the author’s style of storytelling and like it, this might be for you.

Sadly, I think I need to steer clear of the authors’ work from this point on.

I’m just not that into it.

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