Audiobook Review: Olive Juice by T.J. Klune

It begins with a message that David cannot ignore:

I want to see you.

He agrees, and on a cold winter’s night, David and Phillip will come together to sift through the wreckage of the memory of a life no longer lived.

David is burdened, carrying with him the heavy guilt of the past six years upon his shoulders.

Phillip offers redemption.

Listening Length: 5 hours and 11 minutes
Narrator: Derrick McClain

I agree with the majority of the people out there regarding all the pros and cons of this story and to definitely avoid any spoilers if possible.

Is it angsty? As all get out.

Will you cry? If you have a heart, yes.

What about the writing? Phenomenal.

Is there romance? Well… there’s definitely love. So much love and how that can tear someone apart and put them back together.

There’s no doubt Klune is talented, and now I realize that he can definitely do more than silly, funny, poignant. This was a kick in the proverbial balls, as it stabbed me repeatedly in the chest. It will definitely move you. It was raw, heartfelt, and I suppose in away, all about surviving to live another day. I honestly had no clue what this was about and that was both good and bad.

If you want to feel something, and feel it strongly and deeply, then give this a go. I didn’t enjoy it, but I appreciated it.

On a side note, my official rating won’t reflect how I feel about the audio. There’s something about Derrick McClain that was horribly reminiscent of Mark Westfield (the only narrator I’ve ever dnf’d) but to a lesser degree, and I gritted my teeth throughout the entire 5 plus hours of this audio. Obviously, this is all very subjective because many liked his narration, but what I heard was McClain ending pretty much every sentence with a forced grunt that drove me absolutely bonkers. I sampled the rest of his works and some had it to a varying degree, while others did not, ones that I’d probably enjoy. So, take this with a grain of salt - opinions vary greatly and what might work for some, won’t for others. It’s quite the testament that despite my negative feelings toward the audio, Klune’s genius still strongly shines through!

Thanks to the author/publisher for the audio in exchange for an honest review.

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