Review: Shifting Currents (Mermen & Magic #4) by L.M. Brown

Can a merman and an Atlantean, separated by centuries and prejudices, find love together?

Merman Delwyn is an Oracle of the past. He loves nothing better than observing the comings and goings of those who lived centuries before he was born. His favourite time period to visit is the days when both Atlantean and mer inhabited the sunken city of Atlantis, and his guilty pleasure is watching lovers come together in passion. Secure in the knowledge that no one can see him when he’s viewing the past, nothing can prepare Delwyn for the moment Fabian, an Atlantean living in the past, speaks to him.

Fabian is a man with divided loyalties. The demi-god son of the Goddess of Sea Creatures has sworn to serve the Goddess of Prophecy as her Oracle of the present. His unique status gives him the power to see anything in the present, including the mysterious merman voyeur from the distant future.

Despite the centuries that separate them, Delwyn and Fabian find they have a lot in common and quickly form a friendship that both hope one day will become something more. But before they can be together in the present, Delwyn and Fabian must unravel the mysteries of the past.

Only time will tell if the truth about the long-since vanished Atlanteans will bring them together or tear them apart, as the battle for the sunken city of Atlantis begins.

Rated 3.9 Hearts

Shifting Currents is the fourth book in the urban fantasy/paranormal series, Mermen & Magic. And though each book features a new couple, they're not standalone. You must read in order.

And finally we get to travel back in time when Atlantis was newly sunk and the Atlanteans and mer lived together in the sunken city. And in Dangerous Waves (#3), oracle of the past, Delwyn was told his love was already in Atlantis. He's searching very hard despite being contained to underwater city and being blind.

The silver fin virgin is the youngest of the oracles an the most romantic. It was apparent in previous books and finally fully blossomed in book #4. Delwyn is attracted to a ginger haired demigod/ oracle of the present, by the name of Fabian. Normally no one can notice Delwyn when he watches the events of the past. Somehow, Fabian does. And he can talk to Delwyn. Both are intrigued with the other. Other than conversation, Fabian and Delwyn couldn't physically touch. Their courtship was very unconventional but nothing will stand in the way for soul mates.

That's right fated mates. (Squee)

For the first half of the book, this was getting close to 5 Hearts for me. The mystery, the mates and their hardship of having many centuries separating them, finally getting to bottom of the Atlantean day. It was a lot of information to go through. And I was very happy.

This series is something like paranormal brain candy. It reminds of reading early Sherrilyn Kenyon from book #1 and it's still consistent to the latest. It's sort of light, sort of simple but the magic works.

Delwyn is endearing because he's this big heart searching for his happy ever after. Fabian is sexual Atlantean and how Delwyn firsts meet Fabian is hot. (Note: Fabian does have sex with another but Delwyn doesn't already happened. Plus, he has a voyeuristic streak).

We get a lot more action compared to the previous books.

The sea dragons finally get fully explained! We get to read the time when the Atlantean gods were in charge. When the story remains in present day, about 55-60%, the strong set up suffered a little from the slower pace. And the romance takes a backseat, so by the time I got to the end, I thought there was going to be more.

My overall rating is 3.9 Hearts. That's right, I'm rating this 3.9 Hearts. (It could have easily been my favorite of the series, the second half matched the first)

Once the start of the war happens, the action and the pace drags a little. The author makes sure to explain the entire scene, where I felt it could have been summarized a bit. With the romance removed from the driver's seat, the impact wasn't as strong as I think it could've been.

In L.M. Brown's Atlantis and merfolk world, the mer are sexual beings. They have mating seasons which coincide with the two solstices. The mer must have sex and release their triggers or they'll have physical pain the longer they go without. And the mer have different triggers to orgasm, like bottoming or penetration, or spanking.

Delwyn is a virgin in Shifting Currents and hasn't explored sexually. So we the readers never find out other than Delwyn isn't interested in being penetrated. I'm happy the author kept to his feelings and didn't write a gratuitous sex scene. Is there penetrative sex? Between the MC's: no. The sexual scenes are limited.

Due to a little thing about being born at different periods of time and setting up the war between the deities that hate the mer and the allies, the book spends more time on the mystery of that day. The impossibility of the two oracles being together in the same time helped pushed this plot. Though I still have questions about that day. I need a definitive reason why. We get to learn who cared for the Atlanteans and who were against them. But why exactly were they banished? What's up with Mariana's hatred? Where does it stem from?

The author went deeper this time in the wonderful mythological world created. And we learn more about Caspian. I CAN'T WAIT FOR HIS BOOK ALREADY! *cough* So I'm sorta satisfied but I want deeper, more explanation on actions made. #greedy.

Do I recommend this series? Well, I've read the entire series so far and have no plans to get off the Mermen & Magic train - so yes. I think this would work best for readers who don't mind lighter simpler paranormal themes.

Shifting Currents does end with a HEA (not without major sacrifices). I'm curious as to what's in store for the future because Atlantis and the current state felt unfinished.

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