Review: Suck the Savage Beast (Sons of Outlaws #3) by James COX

Earth beasts are sexier than he expected…

Welliver is a scientist first and an Outlaw MC member second. He’s the smartest man in the crew that’s exploring earth to create a new home. But when a monster attacks them and he’s separated from the crew, he is saved by a savage and sexy beast.

The beast doesn’t remember his name. He was sent to the earth prison when he was just a boy but was left behind when the prison was evacuated. Beast has spent nearly twenty years alone on earth, trying to survive this dangerous world. He’s animalistic and maybe the best hope humans have for staying alive with these new threats.

Beast doesn’t understand it’s not okay to lick strangers, or the whole wearing clothes thing but neither man is prepared for the attraction between them. Welliver will have to pull on his Outlaw MC heritage to endure the wilds of earth but how will survive the savage beast?

I ask you, how does one not buy this book for the title alone?

Beyond that, I loved this installment of the Sons of Outlaws series. If you’ve been following along, and you should be, the Sons of Outlaws are in the process of relocating to Earth from Mars. Mars is becoming uninhabitable and the there’s a small scouting crew that has landed on Earth to check the viability of the place and to get some prepwork going. In Suck the Savage Beast we get to know Deviant and Tage’s kids Welliver and Lily. I have to say, it was pretty awesome how Deviant’s kids turned out. They aren’t much like Deviant at all, but the family vibe is strong. Tage is back on Mars so it’s just Deviant and his kids on Earth along with a few others.

Welliver and Lily are brilliant braniacs and Welliver is always sure to keep everyone advised as to his genius status. While he’s cocky on the surface, he’s riddled with insecurities at the same time. He wraps himself in equations and calculations boosting his outward confidence, but when it comes to personal interactions, he’s at a complete loss. It was fun to read a COX character who was so different than any I’d read before. He still had the touch of COX in him though because he could be an amusingly cocky little shit at times and I really liked that about him. I did like his vulnerability more though and when he meets Beast I knew I’d be loving these two guys together.

Beast was left behind when the Earth prison was abandoned many moons ago and the poor dude has been living alone and fending for himself for years. He hasn’t seen another human, mostly just the rabid octopus thingies, so his social skills aren’t on point, but Welliver is way too busy drooling over the sexy sexiness to worry about niceties.

My favorite parts of the story were the moments when Welliver was feeling a little vulnerable and was having trouble believing Beast could be interested in him for more than just balling and bailing, like what Well was used to. That’s when Beast would step up and let Welliver know, in his own deliciously Beasty way, that Beast was in this for more than just the bone-n-go. Beast really was into Welliver and I totally got his sincerity throughout. It was really very sweet in a Tarzan meets Brain kind of way. As I got to know Beast and his history too, I was all kinds of happy for him to finally get someone to love and for him to be loved. The ending scene was romantic and dirty and just right for the two of them.

So, Earth is getting ready for the citizens of Mars, the new Earth dwellers are battling the gnarly octopi and there is still plenty of story left to tell for all these characters. The Dick Defender is up next, telling Helrick’s tale. And again, I ask you, how does one not buy this story for the title alone?

**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**