Review: Who I Am When I'm With You (Daniel and Ryan #3) by Tamryn Eradani

Daniel and Ryan have fallen into a routine, carefully keeping work and play separate. In the office, they’re co-workers, people who sometimes meet in the break room, but in the bedroom they’re different. Daniel likes being someone different. He likes being Ryan’s Daniel for a little bit every night.

We are now five weeks into this new arrangement with Ryan and Daniel. Five weeks since Ryan placed the donut on Daniel’s desk to gauge how patient and submissive the seemingly workaholic truly was.

This was supposed to be an arrangement, not a relationship, and—

As the story begins, we find Daniel at Ryan's house during a scene… on a weekday. Weekday/workdays weren’t originally part of their arrangement. It was supposed to Friday nights through possibly Sunday morning so that each of them could regroup and be ready to face the upcoming work week. But both men are eager enough to make a change because they want to see one another more. When Ryan has a need to watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune and needs a warmer who is conveniently Daniel. Or at least, Daniel's mouth they begin a new page in their arrangement.

This new installment begins to take us deeper into the wants of each man beyond their scenes. When Daniel feels that he has been bad, it’s up to Ryan to fix things for him and it was super sweet that Daniel thought he had to earn all affection from Ryan when all Ryan wanted to do was hold him and watch a game show. Daniel truly is changed when he is with Ryan, it’s this part of Daniel that he wants to be and his trust in Ryan is continuously growing. It’s a treasure to watch.

I like that Ryan and Daniel are still communicating and making it the most important thing in their relationship. Ryan gets Daniel and really wants him to lose all his control and let Ryan take care of him, but can Daniel do it? Can he turn of his over thinking brain to not just be the good boy and just be who Ryan wants and needs him to be?

If he wants more, then Daniel will give him more.
He’ll give him everything.

This is much tamer in the sex department and it truly needed to be. The men need time to digest where their relationship is going and how they are going to make it all work. This focused much more on the emotional dynamics of their of their scening which was more intimate than any sex act that could have been on page.

The story ends quickly but with a sense of hope and longing for this reader to get more, to go deeper into not only the D/s dynamics of Ryan and Daniel’s arrangement but into the budding romance between them. I would love to get Ryan’s POV at least once, just to know his inner thoughts about the man at his feet. But either way, I can’t wait for more.

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