Guest Review: Toys for Boys by K.D. Grace

Alpha nerd Will Charles teams up with Caridoc ‘Doc’ Jones in a coast to coast walk across England reviewing outdoor gift suggestions for the Christmas edition of Toys for Boys—an online magazine dedicated to the latest gadgets to tickle a man’s fancy. Will is recording their adventures with the latest smart phone technology. Doc is reviewing the latest outdoor gear. The two quickly discover the great outdoors provides even better toys for boys, toys best shared al fresco, toys that, in spite of Will’s great camera work, will never be reviewed in Toys for Boys.

Note: Toys for Boys has been previously published as part of the Brit Boys: With Toys boxed set.

Reviewer: Shee Reader

Will and Caradoc ‘Doc’ are both writers for a men's magazine. One is the outdoorsman, and the other the techie geek. Sent together on a coast to coast country walk across northern England, with new gadgets to record the trip. Things quickly take a kinky turn.

The story opens at a guesthouse with insufficient room left for the wet and weary travellers. An obliging writer offers to switch rooms for the night so the young men can room together. They repay the writer with an in-depth recounting of the trip so far, and eventually fuelled by food and wine, offer something of a live sex show!

This was a quick, sexy read about two guys making a trek together, and discovering that what they thought they knew about each other, wasn’t necessarily true.

The dialogue was adequate, and the scenery described beautifully. The characters are largely likeable but tended to let their orgasms do the talking! There was plenty of kink and a meaningful relationship blossoming by the end of the tale. I would have a loved a little insight into the life of the two men on returning to work in London. Would this be a happily ever after, or merely a happy for now?

This wasn’t my usual read, but was enjoyable nonetheless. If short, erotic new adult MM romance is your gig, this might just be the read for you.

I was given free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

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