Review: College Discipline by Caitlin Ricci

Four stories of sex, romance, and college boys learning to kneel.

Hitachi is a police officer reduced to being a glorified babysitter for a rich man’s son. He resents his assignment, but Gabriel isn’t the brat Hitachi believes he is. He’s a man who likes pain, and who wants Hitachi to let loose with him too.

Leo fantasizes about having sex with a complete stranger, but when he gets his chance it isn’t nearly as wonderful as he imagined it to be. His dad’s boss tries to teach him a lesson about making stupid choices, but his education in submission doesn’t end there.

Jensen is horrible at math, and now he’s in a calculus class that he’s barely getting through. His parents get him a tutor, but this tutor is interested in teaching Jensen about far more than just math.

Timothy comes back home, to a tiny town he can’t stand, when his mother’s illness gets worse. He’s made a string of bad decisions, and his mother’s friend is determined to turn his life around before Timothy gets lost entirely.

Oh dear. This took me soooooooo long to finish, like ridiculously long for 55 pages. I had such high hopes for this group of shorts, I mean that blurb is pure yummy yumminess! However the execution was just….not good….

Jenson’s Tutoring - 1.5 hearts

Shallow. This had no feeling and the weirdest relationship development I've ever seen, most definitely the fastest. Jensen is coming over to Sam's house for his first tutoring lesson in calculus. When Jenson explains that his problem is being easily distracted Sam offers him a solution, hitting him with a crop.

This was actually a pretty good BDSM scene, a bit of rough fucking, crops and body clips, but it was not appropriate for people who had literally just met. It would have been easy enough to say that Jensen and Sam had been tutoring with each other for a few weeks and that it escalated to something more on this one occasion. Instead they were strangers and Jenson has no BDSM experience at all, oh but lucky for him he's been a inner pain slut all along without even suspecting *que eye roll*. Then when their one thirty minute scene ended they're talking about dating and being completely perfect for each other, it was just too rushed and too shallow.

Leo's Grand Plan - 2 hearts

Such a great concept. College kid organises a hook up with a stranger and it ends up being his dad's boss?!?! Awesome. However this story, like the previous one, did not set it up well.

Leo goes to a stranger's house for a rough/kinky fuck. He's told to put on a blindfold and get naked without seeing the man he'll have sex with, which he does. He gets a really rough fuck, like where his dick goes soft and he's in true pain. Then he takes off his blindfold to find his dad's boss and you know what he says when Leo asks if he'll tell his dad?

“Then I’d have to explain to him how I ruthlessly fucked his son so he would know that rough sex could be violent and painful for him and not want to be so stupid again in the future. No thanks.”

Yep, real stand up guy.

Anyway it takes them both about two seconds to try it for real, which they do. The scene wasn't bad, but it was rushed.

Hitachi’s New Assignment - 2 hearts

Ok I think this is going to be a running trend with these stories. They really just need to start with the sex and end with the sex because that character/relationship development is almost cringe worthy.

Hitachi is a police officer who has to pick up some rich kid from the airport and take him home. Apparently the kid's dad is trying to set him up with these police officers. The build up was virtually non existent and the dialogue was really stilted.

However, like the others the sex was hot. A bit of 'Officer’ role play with handcuffs, lots of dirty talk and some orgasm control. Then it was ruined by a 'forever’ type of connection *que another eye roll*.

On to the next story…. Here's hoping for a break in the pattern.

Timothy's First Rodeo - 1.5 hearts

Nope no such luck. This started out quite good with Adam rescuing Timothy from getting beaten up in his barn. After patching him up, Adam offers to let Timothy stay at his place to watch the rodeo on TV. All very nice and normal, then all of a sudden this older man (stranger danger) has his hand on the inside of Timothy's thigh…. Yeah…. Creep alert.

Then when this was said,

“You seem awfully eager to have sex with some guy you just met. Should I be worried about your mental state?”
“Only if you want a relationship . But this? A bit of sex isn’t a big deal.”

I was thinking, 'Yay maybe they will have a normal and appropriate HFN’, but... no! A few hours later Timothy is moving back to town to live with this man in a domestic discipline relationship.

Also Adam and Timothy's mum are like BFFs and talk all the time and that is a little weird….

“How long have you been planning this?”Timothy asked him.
“Planning to see if you’d want to be my sub?”
“Since your mom told me how much trouble you were getting into out there on your own. She loves you, and I know you can be good, if only you have some guidance. I was going to wait to decide after spending some time with you here, but I was impulsive and wanted you right away. And now you’re mine, so it all worked out in the end anyway.”

Also much less sex in this installment, which is a shame considering that's the only part I liked.

Unfortunately these bunch of stories didn't work for me. There was no real character development, or characters who interested me in general. The concepts were great, hence why I requested it, but everything was played out too rushed with ridiculous happy ever afters.

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