Guest Review: Hunter Omega by Liv Rider

Hunting werewolves is hard. Falling in love with one is harder.

When Seth left for college, he was a bookish geek pining for his best friend, Riley. Now he’s home again, armed with silver bullets and an iron will, to hunt down the werewolf that attacked him. Seth’s determined not to let anyone else get hurt—especially Riley.

But Riley has a secret. He’s an alpha werewolf without a mate. He needs an omega, but all he wants is his human best friend. Seth’s return is a second chance for Riley to reveal his feelings—and his secret—if he dares.

Now best friends find themselves on opposite sides, and their secrets might just tear them apart. But when Seth’s attacker strikes again, Seth and Riley need each other more than ever to survive.

Hunter Omega is a standalone M/M paranormal alpha/omega werewolf romance with no cliffhangers.

Reviewer: R *A Reader Obsessed*

Really, a simple shifter story but a well written one at that. Nothing too cheesy or over the top, this delivered on all the aspects I assume lovers of this genre would expect. Bonus points for being of the alpha/omega dynamic plus KNOTTING!

Riley is a werewolf and has forever loved his best friend Seth, but he regrets never having had the guts to tell him the truth, fearing he’d lose him. He lost Seth anyway when he panicked and ran from a kiss a few years back. However, now that Seth’s back, he’s even more determined to make things right despite the fact that Seth is human.

Seth is on a mission. He was attacked by his ex-boyfriend Caleb, who turned out to be a werewolf, and he knows what he has to do - find the bastard and make sure he doesn’t hurt anyone else. However, Seth’s plans are thwarted when he’s lured back to his hometown, forcing him to confront his old crush Riley. Though his feelings for Riley have never dimmed, he understandably freaks when he discovers Riley is the same as his ex - a “monster” that needs to be dealt with, right?? These two need to get their ducks in a row and quick, because Seth’s ex has no intention of letting him go, despite the fact that Seth and Riley are destined mates.

Again, easy reading that doesn’t break any barriers but overall enjoyable. Basically a friends-to-lovers-to-mates story that was pleasantly, surprisingly sexy and full of the hot claiming, possession, and marking seen in such a trope. It’s totally what I’d expected, and I’m ok with that. I just wanted more of everything!!

A copy provided for an honest review

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