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Celebrate MANTIES with NineStar Press and IndiGo Marketing! Eight authors: Caitlin Ricci, CL Mustafic, Elizabeth Coldwell, Sita Bethel, E.M. Hamill, Sydney Blackburn, C.A. Blocke and Asta Idonea contribute to Beneath the Layers anthology, about men who enjoy a little satin and lace. 

Author Sydney Blackburn deliver exclusive content today! And there is a scavenger hunt giveaway with a $15 NineStar Press credit attached! Good luck!

Beneath the Layers, a NineStar Press Anthology.  Eight stories of men who like a little satin and lace.

A Linebacker in Lace by Caitlin Ricci
This ex-linebacker is impossible for his friend to resist.
Satin Secrets by CL Mustafic
Sometimes secrets are better when they’re shared.
Backwards and in High Heels by Elizabeth Coldwell
Tonight he has the chance to live out his dream.
Angels in Delaware by Sita Bethel
When one finds two partners, it helps to dress for the occasion.
All That Entails by E.M. Hamill
A gender-fluid prince with a penchant for gowns finds his unlikely match in an arranged marriage.
After the Dance by Sydney Blackburn
Sometimes happily ever after requires a pretty frock.
A Secret Shared by C.A. Blocke
One sweet secret shared—and a spicy one returned.
Ruffle My Feathers by Asta Idonea
Sometimes love can be found behind a feather boa.

RELEASE DATE: April 17th

Beneath the Layers is our first multi-author anthology and to celebrate, we decided to do something a little different for its release. A scavenger hunt!
An excerpt from each one of the stories in the anthology will be posted at each blog stop along the tour.  
The questions for the hunt are listed below and the answers to the questions will be provided in the blog posts. Be sure to visit each stop on the tour to gather all the answers for a chance to win a $15.00 gift code for NineStar Press site!
Once you have all the answers, send them in an email to Make sure BtL Hunt is in the subject line.
Two winners will be randomly chosen from readers who email the correct answers by May 1st, 2017
Look for the answers to these questions at each of the blog stops.

  1. What color were the first panties Arliss showed Brent?
  1. What was Gavin wearing under the sweatshirt?
  1. Why was Oliver seeing Mia?
  1. What did the perfume Delaware smell like?
  1. What costume did Darian wear?
  1. What did Frances long to do?
  1. What did Tommy shave?
  1. What is Barrett’s stage name?
  1. Which author’s answer surprised you?

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A Linebacker in Lace by Caitlin Ricci

Brent likes wearing lace underwear, but it’s not something he plans to reveal, and he never thought he’d meet a guy who shared his kink. So when Arliss approaches him at a bar and mentions he can see lace underwear peeking out from his waistband, Brent is embarrassed—until he finds out Arliss has got a thing for guys in lace.

Satin Secrets by CL Mustafic

When Dr. Gavin Addison answers his doorbell, instead of the delivery guy he expected, he gets Officer Lex Turner, who takes Gavin’s invitation to step in out of the cold a little too far. Before he leaves though, he investigates the satin lace peeking out between Gavin’s shirt and pants. Will what he finds be the only secret revealed?

Backwards and in High Heels by Elizabeth Coldwell

Dancing cheek-to-cheek with his lover while wearing a beautiful gown has always been Billie’s dream. But how can he persuade a sympathetic teacher that he needs to learn how to dance backwards—like a woman—so he can make that fantasy come true?

Angels in Delaware by Sita Bethel

Stranded at a nightclub, Beau thought he’d have a long, solitary walk home. He never expected to meet two gorgeous strangers willing to give him a different kind of ride instead.

All That Entails by E.M. Hamill

Prince Darian is prepared to set aside his scandalous preference for gowns and take a wife to benefit his royal brother’s treasury. Henry is resigned to the fate his outward sex dictates and determined to follow through with an arranged marriage to the prince, rather than risk his father’s threat of an asylum. But he will enter this union with the truth known—or not at all.

In each other, they find unlikely kindred spirits and realize they may finally get the acceptance for which they’ve always longed.

After the Dance by Sydney Blackburn

Mechanic Frank Dixon knows his unrequited love for the boss’s son, Charles Quinn, is an impossible dream, even after he and Charles work together on a special project and become friends. When Charles confides his parents are going to force him to choose a bride during an old-fashioned ball, Frank’s roommate uses his influence to help Frank fulfill his wish to attend the ball in a pretty frock. But after the dance, will his heart be broken, or will all his dreams come true?

A Secret Shared by C.A. Blocke

When Michael told Tommy of his nerdy secret life as a Dungeon Master, after a few months of casual dating that seemed to be heading for serious territory, he didn’t expect anything in return. He certainly didn’t expect his new boyfriend to join him for a game session, and he definitely didn’t anticipate Tommy divulging his desire to dress up en femme. Thankfully, the surprise comes out well—for both of them.

Ruffle My Feathers by Asta Idonea

Barrett leads a double life—builder by day and drag act by night. Having successfully kept this from his colleagues, he’s stunned when he spots his boss, Keith, at a performance. Unlike Barrett, Keith is still completely in the closet. And though he promises not to reveal Barrett’s secret, the sight of Barrett in dress and feather boa awakes hidden desires, and he may not be able to keep them at bay.


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Exclusive Excerpt

After the Dance by Sydney Blackburn – 500 words

“I would not make a good wife,” she whispered. Her cheeks heated with another blush, but she turned to look at Charles, searching his face. “There’s something I’ve longed to do, Charles. May I?”
“Why, yes, I suppose.” His brows were slightly furrowed, his smile quizzical.
Neither Frances—nor Frank, for that matter—would ever have a chance like this again. She placed one hand on his shoulder and slipped the other around to cup the back of his head. She pressed her lips to his, gently. His spine stiffened in surprise, but Frances wanted more. She increased the pressure of her lips, parting them slightly. She touched Charles’s lips with the tip of her tongue and tightened her hold on him as he slowly returned the kiss.
His hands settled lightly on her hips, as if he wasn’t sure how to correctly respond.
But when Charles pulled his head back, Frances let the kiss end. She stared into his brilliant cobalt eyes. The sudden blush on Charles’s cheeks surprised her. He turned his head, lowering his gaze, and abruptly let go of her. “I, uh. I’m not—I don’t have a great deal of experience with women, uh, Miss…Frances.”
“I didn’t mean to…” make things awkward, but saying it out loud would only make it more awkward. Frances took it as a good sign that he was still within a few inches of her, hadn’t pushed her away, or made his excuses.
She touched his forearm gently, but refused to apologize. This was her only chance, as close as she would ever come to making Frank’s dreams come true. “This might sound dingy, because you don’t know me, but I love you, Charles. I wanted to tell you that,” she said, pressing closer, as close as they’d been while dancing.
“Um.” He cleared his throat.
“Don’t worry; I don’t expect you to say it back. I know you love someone else.”
Charles’s eyes widened. “You do?”
Frances nipped at the inside of her lower lip. Frank knew that. Frances didn’t, shouldn’t. Impulsively, she kissed him again.
Charles responded immediately, if cautiously, letting her take the lead again. His hands returned to her hips and slid around, one running over the curve of her ass as if he’d never felt one before. Maybe he hadn’t if he was as inexperienced as he claimed. His other hand found itself on her bare back, and she whimpered into his mouth as erotic chills chased up her spine. That kind of thing would never happen as Frank.
She carefully moved her thigh to hide her erection and wished Charles was kissing Frank instead. Eyes closed, focussed on the warmth and wetness of Charles’s mouth, the strength of his tongue, the hint of brandy and cigars, she let Frances slip away.
Frank kissed Charles even if Charles was kissing Frances.
About the Author
Sydney Blackburn is a binary star system. Always a voracious reader, she began to write when she couldn’t find the stories she wanted to read. She likes candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach… Oh wait, wrong profile. She’s a snarky introvert and admits to having a past full of casual sex and dubious hookups, which she uses for her stories.
She likes word play and puns and science-y things. And green curry.
Her dislikes include talking on the phone, people trying to talk to her before she’s had coffee, and filling out the “about me” fields in social media.
Besides writing, she also designs book covers for poor people.

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