Review: Marriage of Inconvenience by M.J. O'Shea

Lights, Camera, Lies.

Kerry Pickering has a problem. As a publicist for Hollywood bad boy Jericho Knox, it’s Kerry’s job to keep Jericho in the news. So far, Jericho’s partying and public escapades have made it easy. But Jericho has a secret, and when that secret is revealed in the most spectacularly disastrous way, it’s up to Kerry to spin it.

The team decides the best course of action is to make the public fall in love—with Jericho’s secret committed relationship. The one that doesn’t exist. Yet.

The team wants someone they can trust. Someone in the inner circle. That someone is Kerry. But what will happen when Kerry realizes that for him, the romance is no longer pretend? Can Jericho love him back, or is he just playing a role?

I know this series is the literary equivalent of binge watching ALL THE chic flicks but they work for me. Who doesn't like a little escapist sugar fluff every now and again? 

I'll wear my Dreamspun cotton candy tiara AND eat my cake while happily wallowing in all the squishy feels. Thank you very much.

This is yet another fake boyfriend turns into real boyfriend after a faux pas in a bathroom stall that threatens to tank Jericho Knox's fledgling movie star career. I know you are basically required to relinquish reality when it comes to this series and I eventually did, but the whole paparazzi not pursuing Kerry's identity like the rabid pack of dogs they are was a challenge. Just add a little alcohol to that cotton candy and press on. #protip

Kerry Pickering just a regular guy struggling to hang on to the bottom rung at his PR firm, relegated to tweeting banal updates for B-list celebs. He gets a bit of a break when the boss asks him to come up with a list of willing and wholesome arm candy for Jericho so he can improve his bad boy image and secure his role on a big name prime time show. Then gets an even bigger break when Jericho gets caught in flagrante delicto. At the gay club. Oops.

*cue gasps*

Jericho isn't really closeted, but Kerry is flabbergasted. Most in the celeb crowd know he's been trying to come out and stop with all this fake girlfriend business for quite some time. But this outing happened at an inopportune time and the show is threatening to dump him. Kerry actually comes up with the plan of making the faceless guy in the photo his longtime fiancé and spinning a privacy violation.

Great plan is great! Until Kerry's boss and all the others notice the resemblance and "volunteer" (read: strong arm) Kerry. I stuffed my face with this Dreamspun gold! I'm not even going to lie. Neither one is crazy about the situation for their own reasons, but the attraction is too fierce for either of them to deny.

Both of their families are adorable and contribute to the plot. Everyone can tell that they've moved beyond fake to real and their progression from one to the other was steady and believable. 

The conflict was a bit flimsy in my opinion and I would've liked more groveling from Jericho. A lot more. Dick move, bro. Dick move.

But the ending was sweet if a little abrupt and the sex was hot so I'm not complaining too much.

Recommend to fans of this series. You know who you are.

An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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