Review: Tracefinder: Changes (Tracefinder #2) by Kaje Harper

Brian can Find a lost child or a wanted criminal, but when his secret gets out, even Nick’s skills and connections may not be enough to keep them safe.

Brian Kerr is now free of his dangerous boss and his domineering brother. He’s eager to start using his psychic Finding talent to help people, if he can figure out how to do that safely. His dyslexia, and his tendency to act simpleminded under stress, make building his new life a daunting challenge. And while his not-quite-boyfriend, Nick, is willing to support him, in bed and out of it, Brian doesn’t want to lean on Nick. If their relationship is going anywhere, he has to be a full partner and handle his own problems.

Nick Rugo’s walking a tightrope instead of settling into the ordinary cop’s life he’d hoped for. He’s hiding too many things from too many people. He has told professional and unprofessional lies that will come back to haunt him. Now, with Brian determined to start Finding again, he’s not sure he can protect the man he cares for. If all that wasn’t enough to make him start punching walls, he also has a suspicion that Brian’s brother Damon and sister Lori may be out there, lurking, ready to complicate their lives.

Kaje Harper is one of my autoread authors - these days I don't even read the blurb of her books, I love her writing style, I love her characters and I know before going in I'm quite likely to love her book. In some cases though I'm actively (desperately) waiting for a book from her and this was one of those times. Tracefinder: Contact, the first book in this series was excellent and I was itching to get my hands onto the follow up. I was not disappointed.

This book was all about Brian and how he is dealing with the changes in his life, particularly how he deals with Bry. In book we see the struggle within Brian to be himself and not rely on Bry all the time and this continues in this book. I love Brian because I can absolutely identify with his need to be Bry. As I was reading I really understood him and how the simple life of Bry, a life without decisions resting on his shoulders, can seem comforting and beckoning. Brian didn't want to be Bry, he was fantastic at leaving him behind, but sometimes the urge was just too much. Life got too complicated and he didn't know how to react and Bry was just easier. Bry doesn't have to be responsible he can just be and that is something I fund utterly appealing.

I actually think Nick understood and accepted Brian as himself even better than Brian did. Nick was his same honorable, rule-breaking, self. A solid gold heart in the guise of a police bad boy. Nick is a more typical character character than Brian, but he was full of his own personality and is a firm favourite of mine. His relationship with Brian is was I love most about this book, but the storyline that this was centred around was full of action and emotion and explosions. 

All the characters worked in this story; the good, the bad and the ugly. The developing storyline is one I can't wait to continue reading in the next book - don't worry, this is a full story, no ugly cliff hangers, but as with all great series needing to tread the next book to fine=d out what happens now is a must. 

Kaje's writing is beautiful, it is elegant in it's simplicity. There is no unnecessary plot devices, just great writing. She is careful with her characters; Brian, who is far from your atypical hero is a perfect example of this. She uses analogies well to get her point across (I particularly liked the therapist/shop one in this book) and makes diverse characters easy to identify with. writing wise, Kaje Harper also keeps things real. I love how (*****minor spoiler*****) when Brian and Nick first have penetrative sex it isn't slick and easy and wonderful. It was awkward and real and wonderful instead. I actually read the scene instead of eye rolling my way through it as I'm often prone to do.

I don't believe there was anything about this story I didn't love - but then I'm not at all surprised! I really recommend this series; action packed, diverse characters and brilliant writing combine to make a winning read.

A copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest review.
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