Review: The Lusty Adventures of Theseus by Arthur Griffin

The myth of Theseus and the Minotaur has never been quite this steamy!

Handsome Theseus journeys to Athens to claim his birthright as heir to the throne, and along the way he meets the roguish Pirithous, who teaches him all about matters of the heart—and body. When they reach the city, Theseus is shocked to discover that his father, the king, has a tradition of sacrificing young people to the Minotaur, the monster that inhabits the island nation of Crete.

Theseus and Pirithous, along with Iphitrion, a slave boy they befriend, set out to slay the Minotaur. After learning Crete is ruled by a mad tyrant with a fetish for orgies, Theseus puts his new skills to the test, fighting, flirting, and fornicating his way through the ranks, working his way past soldiers, satyrs, and gods alike as he attempts to accomplish his goal and save his city.

Lovers of Greek Mythology with a twist, look no further than this smutty, smut-fest of an adventure story.

I am no history buff. I don’t know how accurate anything is when it comes to historical novels, and mostly I don’t care, but I do know that this was a lot of fun, and was centred around Theseus and Pirithous and their ‘friendship’.

Theseus has turned eighteen and has been told by his mother that he is the son of King Aegeus of Athens and must go to the city to introduce himself.

On his way he meets Pirithous, who has stolen a herd of cattle from Athens, in rebellion of the King's rule. Pirithous introduces Theseus to the wonderful world of wrestling, and just happens to have the oil required for such a challenge. This challenge, if Theseus wins, will have Pirithous joining Theseus on his journey to Athens, and returning the cattle to the King.

This story started off burn the pages hot, and just kept going with the sensual smut throughout the entire journey. I am a HUGE fan of naked oil wrestling. MEGA HUGE fan! To start this story out with a solid wrestling scene, was perfect. (Btw I encourage everyone to google oil wrestling)

Modern day Kirkpinar oil wrestling in Turkey *waggles eyebrows*

I regress… back to this story.

There is a consistent plot line, so don’t mistake this for PWP. It has a very entertaining storyline, and some great characters are introduced along Theseus’ journey.

All the characters have distinct personalities, (except for the soldiers, they are mostly the same) and the central relationship between Theseus and Pirithous is well fleshed out. Everything is described well so that I got the image of who was whom, and what was what.

Back to the sex. There is a lot of it. Twosomes, Threesomes, Four-or-more-somes. And all of it was delicious. For a short story, this was packed full but for the most part, well balanced. All the favourites are in here too. Wood nymphs, Centaurs, the Minotaur, Ares, Poseidon, and a Satyr. And plenty of half-naked soldiers. It seemed that everyone was backing into someone’s cock by ‘mistake’. But what do I care, it was hot.

If you’re looking for wank fodder, look no further than this. Well written, and highly entertaining, I regret not a thing about reading this, and it is going on my permanent pile of fappalicious inspirations.

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