Review: Con Boys are Naughty by JP Barnaby

Shy author Brandon doesn’t understand why his Sir, Sean, wants to break him out of his comfort zone with a fan conference. The very idea makes his skin itch with fear. But, when they head up to the con suite and pick up a hot little Robin cosplayer, the weekend starts looking up—way up. 

This title was previously published as Between a Cock and a Hard Dom, a part of the Authors Gone Wild Anthology.

A hot little shorty!

Brandon is a ginger with body and mental health issues. He's also an author and my interpretation is that he wants to be like other authors he sees who are outgoing, all over socmed and at conventions with numerous pics of them smiling with fans and other authors, but his anxiety has prevented him from even revealing his face.


With a little encouragement... ok, prodding, from his dom they set out for Austin and Brandon's first literary convention and end up in a threesome with boy Robin! Fortuitous indeed.

The kink is of the D/s variety and not overt, just enough to leave the reader with the understanding that Brandon enjoys ceding power to Sean and likes it a little rough.

They're also polyamorous and if I'm filling in the blanks correctly usually engage in polyamory together which is how "Robin" wends up getting ginger'd.

For a short story "Con Boys are Naughty" brought the heat. The striptease was sweltering as was the threesome scene, but what I liked best was the connection between Sean and Brandon. It's clear they've been together long enough to read each other and for Sean to not only understand Brandon's anxiety/depression, but to squelch his anxieties before they become debilitating. At least in this instance.

All and all, a nice little diversion.

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