Review: Triad by Remy St. Lawrence

Six months after the breakup of his relationship, Rex has yet to move on. New in town, he is alone at a bar, and for the first time, Rex is tempted by a heterosexual couple. As the centre of Robert and Ilham’s attention, Rex realizes he is on the verge of a new experience.

True story!

I read it twice. Once sober and once... not as sober. A little experiment that I had hopes of bringing clarity to this story, but science failed me.

It brings me no joy to criticize a first time author but this was too much for me. 

As the air stewed, it would only be a matter of time before the mercury inhibition dipped.

Triad is the tale of one man's experience with an established couple and, coincidentally, his first experience with a lady garden. I'm fairly certain there will not be a repeat performance either. I'm not sure if it's meant to be titillating or more of case study. What I can tell you is the use of language is strange and the undercurrent of surrealism is bizarre.

We lay in dermal gradation:  Robert, Ilham, me.

I think the surrealism is by design undoubtedly to add interest, but it kind of makes Rex seem a wee bit psychotic and it put me off. Is it a dream? Does he suffer from amnesia? Is it déjà vu? Under the right circumstances this sort of ambiguousness can and has worked for me, but here I perceived it as a contrived plot device.

He came up after a few moments, crawling over her like a lustful salamander...

From her easy peaks, he migrated south, planting kisses along the way until he reached the center of her earth.

That combined with the purple drivel was the death knell for me.

He removed his hand after a time and replaced it with his face, lapping the rain from my shaft and balls, flicking his tongue at Ilham's swollen petite nob.

I would actually recommend this to others just to see if they have the same reactions as I did or if I'm in the 'you just don't get it' category.

A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. She has a nob? I mean knob?! And she rains? Fascinating. This actually sounds like it could be entertaining..... while high....

    1. I didn't try it high! Damn. Missed opportunity. :*(