Review: Begging to Serve (The Hampton Road Club #5) by Morticia Knight

A feisty, untrained Dominant shows up at Hampton Road. Could he be the right man who Colin’s been saving himself for?

Submissive Colin loves his new life and job at The Hampton Road Club. He doesn’t mean to make the staff angry when he reorganizes everything or frustrate the available Masters by never letting them touch him. He only wants to serve someone, to make them happy, but he’s also waiting for the right man the way his grandmother had advised him to do before she died.

Another night, another brawl. Roddy had hoped that Hollywood would have better male prospects than Louisville when it came to playing rough. When Roddy’s latest would-be conquest threatens him with bodily harm, Roddy is chased right into the path of two of Hampton Road’s Masters, Ned and Aaron. They describe a wonderful club to him, where sadomasochistic men can enjoy each other, hidden safely behind the walls of an elegant mansion.

The moment Colin and Roddy spot each other, they fall hard and fast. While Master Saul is thrilled that Colin has finally found someone, what do any of them really know about their new guest?

It seems that Saul’s fears are ungrounded until tragedy strikes in Roddy’s world. It’s then that the validity of Colin and Roddy’s new love is truly tested. Was their bond real, or did Roddy have another agenda he’d kept secret all along?

Sweet Colin just wants to make someone happy. He likes to take care of people and to serve others. So when he doesn't have that special someone, instead he succeeds at driving everyone crazy with his constant need to please. I think everyone at the club was just as eager to find him someone as he was.

When Colin meets Roddy, it was love at first sight and they hit it off pretty quick. Roddy was a sweet thing, especially for being the Dom. I've yet to read about a Dom who was just as adorable as the sub. Until now, that is.

He was so genuinely excited to find out about the Hampton Road Club that it immediately put him in the adorable category for me. Roddy had tried sating his sexual wants on his own and he found that it wasn't a safe practice. Not only was it dangerous for him to be gay at all, let alone with his preferences in the bedroom. So discovering the club was heaven-sent for him.

Both Colin and Roddy were pretty new to the scene and working through all the newness together. They found out what worked and what didn't work for them together. I don't think their Dom/sub relationship was fully realized, though. Instead they felt like a couple who only likes to play around a bit in the bedroom, not a couple committed to a full time Dom/sub relationship. Which is fine, but the beginning of the book was very focused on Colin's need to serve others all the time and I don't feel like he and Roddy fully explored that part of their relationship. There was some misunderstanding that I felt was gratuitous. As a reader, I'd have liked more time spent building their relationship, especially since I found it to be fast and a little unbelievable. The story isn't long to begin with and the characters needed more time together because I didn't fully buy their HEA.

Begging to Serve was a sexy little nugget, I just wanted more feels and I didn't quite get that here.

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