Guest Tag Team Review: Help, My Boyfriend's an Alien! (Mad About the Brit Boys #3) by J.L. Merrow and Josephine Myles

Love—and desire—that’s out of this world... 

It’s time to suit up, take those protein pills, and boldly come where no man has come before. Take a trip to the future, or do your bit for inter-planetary relations with some close encounters of a very unusual kind. 

In this erotic science fiction triple feature you’ll meet a cat that’s anything but cute and cuddly, take a pill that’ll make you fall in love—for a night—and discover desire that transcends the limitations of a human body. It’s a brave new world as you explore the unknown in three short stories that push the boundaries of love in ways both thoughtful and tongue-in-cheek. 

These stories have all been previously published, but are now available exclusively in this anthology.

Guest Reviewer: Chelsea

BR with Kristan and I have to say these were three fun, light short stories that were an absolute pleasure to read. Overall 4 hearts!

Better Than Cola - 3.5 hearts

Well that was a pretty interesting read! I really don't want to give anything away, but this alien is certainly not humanoid which is rather uncharted territory in romance novels.

JL Merrow definitely introduced the characters in a way that made the strange appearance of Summer Storms more acceptable. Once again I don't want to give anything away, but I was pretty intrigued when I started reading to see how everything would pan out.

The world building was short sweet and simple, much like the story, we knew what we had to without too much detail being given.

This story is very short, so there was never going to be huge amounts of character development, but even so I found the connection between Summer Storms and Nick not very well developed. Nothing in their conversations made me feel they had made the connection they claimed to have had. However the characters were sweet and I loved Summer's observations on humans and his attempts to learn our ways, I was definitely chuckling throughout the story.

Insta-Love - 4.5 hearts

This was my favourite of the anthology!

Such an interesting and creative take on a cyberpunk world, where people depend on drugs for their emotional needs and human connections. Insta-love is a favourite drug of Skips, which gives the illusion of love which he needs to help him find a connection with his lovers.
Salty fluid against his tongue as he swallows down all the way, straining his jaw but it’s worth it. Worth it for this man he loves. This man whose body he worships. This man...

What was his name?
When Skip meets Wildman (who is a 'natural') he is shown there is more to him than his 'fake' exterior and he can still feel emotions and have a human connection without the need of drugs.

I loved the world and the connection these two had felt real, I even got a little emotional which is pretty impressive for a twenty page story.

The direction their relationship was heading was perfect for the length of the story and the ending was a SUPER sweet HFN.

Gifted in Tongues - 4 hearts

Once again loved that JL Merrow went for an alien that wasn't quite typical, Tao is a half cat, half human type alien, and let me just say... It was pretty darn hot!
Tao yowled again and nuzzled at Spitz’s neck as he thrust in and out, each time taking him farther and farther inside a channel that was just aching to be filled. One of his fangs snagged on an earlobe, and Spitz shuddered...
This was a fun, light and very funny short story. The banter between Tao and Spitz definitely had an 'enemies to lovers' feel and was very entertaining to read.
“What, did you hack up a hairball in some Lacertilian dignitary’s dinner? Mark your territory on his soft furnishings?” Tao half-rose from his bunk.
“At least I can remember my offense, ape-boy!”
More of a lust story than a love story, but it ended with the promise of more for these two. I had a lot of fun reading this one!

Guest Reviewer: Kristan

Yup. It’s official. I have a thing for these two authors.

Though, honestly, I’m an easy sell. Put a book in front of me with the words aliens and gay and I’m nose first into it.

This anthology was a wonderful mix of sci-fi, naughty, and outright fun. From aliens that look like cats, to emotions in a patch, there’s a little something for everyone.

Better than Cola (4.5 stars) was hands down my favorite read of the three. Like all good porn, it has a hot guy in an authority position “showing the ropes” to the newbie. In this case, Nathan Chambers is a human, assigned to Summer Storms; an interesting alien who is wearing a human body, and adapting to life on earth amongst humans. Nathan’s job is to assist Summer Storms in their acclamation.

And boy, does he ever.


But it’s more than just a hot read. There’s an innocence and vulnerability about Summer that just draws you in, and a depth to this story that will surprise you.

The author did a great job at creating a complete story packed with feelings in such a short amount of pages.

If you’re going to try any of the three stories in this anthology, I highly recommend this one.

Insta-Love (3 stars) reminded me of a Doctor Who episode. In a future where we experience our feelings through a patch rather than the good old fashioned way, it’s easy to confuse synthetic emotions for the real deal.

Skip wakes up from a one night stand and wants nothing more than for the hot guy in his bed to go home. But hot guy Wildman is not having it. He thinks their night together was fantastic, and if Skip would allow himself to experience his own emotions and vulnerability, than he’d be opening himself to a real relationship and genuine connections.

It was a short, sweet, happy for now read.

Gifted in Tongues (4 stars) started out with our MC waking up in a jail cell, naked from the waist down, and ended with a budding kitty on man, sexual relationship. It’s a short, fun, crazy little story, that you’ll at least find humorous, if not a little hot. What else can you expect from a day in the life of a pilot, known for getting into trouble, who has an acidic blob for a jail cell neighbor, a Felid for a cell mate, and a bit of a kink for a very talented tongue?


All in all, three entertaining stories from two great authors.

Recommended for anyone who is looking for something a little out of this world.

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