Review: All I Believe by Alexa Land

Nico Dombruso has learned to keep the world at arm’s length after being badly burned by his last relationship. Even so, he decides to let himself enjoy a summer fling while on vacation in Italy. It’s just sex after all, so what’s the harm?

He gets so much more than he bargained for when he meets gorgeous, mysterious, art dealer Luca Caruso. The connection between them is undeniable, and for the first time in years, Nico starts to consider the possibility of trusting his tattered heart to someone again.

But when a secret is revealed that shakes him to his core and threatens to tear his family apart, Nico runs, so far and so fast that no one, not even the man who was making him believe he could love again, might ever be able to reach him.

This gay romance is approximately 95,000 words in length. It is the tenth book in the Firsts and Forever Series, but each book is written to stand alone, so jump in anywhere.

Please note: Contains adult language and graphic sex. Only intended for adult readers.

I don’t think I’ll ever quit this series.  Even if Alexa writes 47 more books in the series I’m sure I will read each and every one.  This has turned into a comfort read.  I know what I’m getting into when I pick up an Alexa Land book.  I’m going to laugh; I’m going to swoon and sigh and maybe tear up just a little.  They’re feel good stories, even with the angst written all through them.  

This installment of the Firsts and Forever series is Nico’s story.  Nico is cousin to Dante and Vincent and the grandson of the ever-loved Nana.  Nico has gone on vacation to Nana’s hometown in Italy with Nana and Jessie.  Of course, the shenanigans start before they even board the plane (Bacon-Flavored Booty Butter, anyone?) and continue in true Nana Dombruso fashion.  Once they arrive, we meet the gorgeous Luca and the sparks fly.  

If I’m going to be honest I have to say this is not my favorite of the series.  I never really connected with Nico and Luca.  I never really got a good picture of Nico in my head and Luca seemed a bit… cookie cutter to me.  That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy this story, cause I did.  Just not as much as a lot of the other ones.  Really, what kept me reading was Jessie.  Even Nana got to be a bit too much for me in this one.  Jessie, though… Jessie will always hold a special place in my heart and I have a pocket reserved just for him.  Jessie, you get in my pocket right now, Mister!  

So, although not my favorite, this is still a good, fun read and I recommend the series to those who like quite a bit of madcap humor in their romances.  And guns.  Can’t forget those.  Nana would probably shoot me if I did.

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