Review: Celebrate by Kim Dare

It’s not easy learning how to be a swan, but Ori Jones has worked hard to embrace a role that still doesn’t come entirely naturally to him. Now, almost a year after his first full shift, he finally feels as if he is making a difference at the Anderson nest. 

Ori’s happier than he’d ever been, until a few words from his master, Raynard, suddenly bring all of Ori’s old fears rushing back to the surface. 

The nest’s elders want to have a party for Ori’s birthday, but Ori can’t see any reason to celebrate in it being a year since he reached his avian maturity. After all, what’s the use in learning to be a good swan when Raynard never wanted a swan in the first place? 

Please Note: This story is best read in order as part of the Avian Shifters series. The previous book is Duck! and the next book is Magpie. 


Not to be too y'know direct but I've been biding my time just waiting for Raynard to screw the pooch, so to speak, so I could swoop in to save the... ORIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!! 

Raynard, however, is just not cooperating. I thought for a minute there he was going to play into my greedy little hands. I had my consoling bag of tricks at the ready and then... *sigh* he went and executed the perfect move. Again.

Why does he have to be so perfect? 

Bah! Anyhoo...

Celebrate takes place one year after Ori's first shift/his birthday and the nest wants to celebrate his becoming a swan, however that illustrious shift changed Ori's life and came with its fair share of pain. Even though he's less than enthusiastic about being in the spotlight he's loathe to mention it for fear of seeming ungrateful. Sweet lil duck. I mean, swan.

"...When I want you all to myself-that's what I'll have. Master's prerogative."

Every day with his master is a day for celebration as far as Ori's concerned and Raynard just keeps proving how worthy a master he truly is. 

*kicks rocks*

It's cool. I'll wait. Raynard better keep being good to our his boy otherwise Cupcake'll swoop right in there.

If you love this series, Ori and/or Kim Dare's writes this is worth the read.

Cupcake-NO ORI!

A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Long time Kim Dare fan and only discovered the other day I had not heard of this series. This review was fun and further cements my need to divert my next pay directly into the online ebook store accounts.

    1. Enter the giveaway on the previous post. :)

      You could win them all!

      And she'll have the 3rd one coming out soon.