Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit & Giveaway - Kim Dare

The Queen of Kink with a Heart a.k.a. Daisy Bonny Hooves

Joins us today to celebrate the re-release of Magpie! 

She's also given us a clever flash fic like only Kim Dare can to celebrate our anniversary. 

Mr. Bevan
Kim Dare

“You’re really going through with this?”

Gethin sighed. Ignoring his friend, Jack, he concentrated on fastening the leather cuff Mr. Bevan had sent him around his wrist.

“He could be a serial killer,” Jack added.

Gethin turned to face the sinks in the staff bathroom at the back of the pub, and picked up the blindfold Mr. Bevan had ordered him to wear. “Just because he’s not a teddy bear dom, that doesn’t mean he’s a psychopath.”

He met Jack’s eyes in the mirror over one of the sinks. Jack smiled.

Mr. Bevan wouldn’t have smiled. If a sub spoke to him like that, Mr. Bevan would have the boy over his knee in an instant. Gethin’s cock stiffened inside his tight leather trousers, but a shiver also ran down his spine.

Gethin may have only communicated with Mr. Bevan by e-mail, but he knew what kind of a man Mr. Bevan was. Strict, harsh and demanding. Mr. Bevan was nothing like Jack, and everything Gethin wanted in a dom.


Jack watched his young friend enter a cubicle and close the toilet lid. Gethin hurriedly fastened the blindfold in place, leaned against the wall and tried to look relaxed—with limited success.

“You should go, Jack. Mr. Bevan will be pissed if you’re here when he arrives.”

Jack bit back his laughter. “Fair enough, it’s your life.” He closed the bathroom door behind him, but stayed in the staff changing room adjoining it.

Opening a locker, he swapped his well-worn leather boots for a far shinier pair that laced up to his knees. He exchanged his T-shirt for a leather waistcoat and attached a few toys to his belt. A few sprays of a cologne that he’d never normally wear, a pair of leather gloves, and he was ready.

It was time for Gethin to meet his Mr. Bevan in person for the first time.

Talented author is talented! Many thanks to Kim for helping us celebrate our second anniversary. Let her know what you thought of her story in the comments.

Author Bio: 

Kim is a thirty-one year old bisexual submissive from Wales (UK). First published in 2008, she has since released almost 100 BDSM erotic romance titles ranging from short stories to full length novels. Having worked with a host of fantastic e-publishers, she has just moved into self publishing.
While she has occasionally ventured towards other pairings, Kim’s first love is still, and probably always will be, Male/Male stories. But, no matter what the pairing, from paranormal to contemporary, and from the sweet to the intense, everything she writes will always feature three things – Kink, Love and a Happy Ending.




She's even willing to throw in Duck! if you've not read it already!

To be entered please leave a comment with your email address or some means of contacting you (e.g. email, Twitter handle, link to Goodreads account, etc.)  

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  1. LOL! I guess Gethin is going to have a nice surprise... Thank you for this nice story, Kim!


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  6. Loved this! I think Gethin is in for a pleasant (or rather, unpleasant :) surprise or two.

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  12. Loved it! Just a few lines is all she needs to show her talent.

  13. My first BDSM m/m reading pleasure was delivered in a Kim Dare story. I enjoyed books like those in the Pushing the Envelope series and S,S&S, but am disappointed I have not come across the Avian Shifters series yet. I am looking forward to reading them. Jenny B @HojuRose

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  16. I enjoyed Duck very much and I look forward to continuing the series.
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  17. This giveaway is now closed! Congrats to the winner - Debby!

    There are plenty of open & planned giveaways for the rest of the month! Thanks for checking BMB Reviews out!