Review: Balancing Act by Angie Barry

In a world where even the Greek gods have to earn a paycheck, former lovers Adonis and Narcissus make a bet on who will be the first to successfully seduce the newest intern at Olympus Air: Ganymede. But seduction isn't so simple when old feelings are far from faded and new realizations come to light, leaving the two men confused as to who and what they really want.

Have I mentioned I'm a mythology geek? Greek mythology to be exact.

The moment I saw this cover and the tags...I jumped at the chance to read.  I'll admit, I barely read the blurb. Modern Greek mythology MM doesn't grow on trees. And's menage!

New-to-me and new author Angie Barry took classic mythology characters, Adonis, Narcissus and Ganymede and put them in today's world. Adonis is an up-and-coming fashion model who is in love with his currently off again lover Narcissus, the world renowned artist. Narcissus is happy playing the field. He doesn't understand why Adonis can't get with the program...though out of all the lovers he's had, he can't get Adonis off his mind. At a party they see Ganymede and make a bet, who could get with Ganymede first. So they both make a play for the younger man. Ah but who gets played in the end?

Adonis' angst was my favorite part. Because it's relatable and being inside his head was I think the author's best moments of this story. The words and quotes, not something that's going to blow you across the world, but quietly powerful in a way.
"I know who I am because I know who he is because I know what we are when we're together."
And get this? The author made the characters multicultural. And it wasn't a big deal. And it was so cool how they slipped in. Scored major points for me.

While I really enjoyed the tale, it's short. And reads rushed at parts especially toward the end. Ganymede is supposed to the glue to bring the former lovers together. And he does an okay job. He seems to have a handle of both men pretty well. But the off scene parts where he got to understand each man so quickly, reads too quickly.

Granted, the story ends more with a hopeful, HFN end. For the length, it is very fitting. But I wish that either this trio would be explored more or this story maybe could be expanded on, more with Ganymede's thoughts. (I get there is a twist - I saw it a mile away) It was a cute one.

Readable? Definitely.

I enjoyed all the characters even the vain Narcissus (what else would he have been) LOL

I'll keep an eye out for more from this author in the future. I liked the tone.

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  1. You had me at Greek mythological characters in a menage a trois. Even better to bring these characters makes it interesting. Thanks for the review!