Group Review: Heartsville Series by Piper Vaughn, Nico Jaye, J.H. Knight, Jayden Brooks and Cate Ashwood

Welcome to the gayborhood! In the cozy town of Heartsville, the streets are lined with trees, the shops are full of friendly faces, and happily ever after is just around the corner. Come get to know the boys next door—naughty, nice, and everything in between. 

After a blurb like that who wouldn't want to be welcomed to the gayborhood!? Needless to say, a few of us wanted in on some Heartsville action, so we group reviewed this little gem of a series.

Bookmarked by Piper Vaughn ~ 5 hearts
I had a soft spot for this story before I even started. What one of us can’t relate to the absolute and complete immersion into being a fangirl/guy for our favorite authors? Mark’s bookstore is struggling and he’s starting to feel a little bit of desperation. Problem is the author that he wants to come in for a signing is incredibly reclusive and Mark feels he’s made an ass of himself in front of them man before so it may be hopeless. But, again, desperate, so he gives it a shot. While Shepherd comes across as an arrogant bastard at first, the two work through the awkward and it turns out Shepherd isn’t what he seems at first and I ended up loving his character. Mark was a perfect balance for Shepherd and I loved reading how he boosted Shepherd, giving him the confidence to come out of his shell and embrace life with Mark. Pay special attention to the scene in Mark’s office before a book signing. Damn, I do love a scene that can be both filthy and romantic at the same time. And I can’t forget, kudos to Mark’s dad, he was an amazing character.
Unscripted by Nico Jaye ~ 4.5 hearts 
My only problem with this story was that I wanted more. I also wanted a visual for Rocky Horror Nite at the Oasis. While at first I thought this was an enemies to lovers, or at least an opposites attract story, I don’t really think it was either and that’s good. The length of the story was conducive to what it was, a love story about two guys who were much more alike than appearances would seem, Carter just needed to be reminded about what was important. It made the story very sweet, perfectly dirty in all the right places and hopeful for the future between Teddy and Carter.
Another Shot by JH Knight ~ 4 hearts
This started out as a blind date gone right. Aaron and Brad clicked from the beginning and from the blurb that shit would end up getting too real. Annnnd it did. BUT, JH Knight made it work. Aaron’s feelings about the past were never discounted and Brad didn’t continue carrying guilt that wasn’t his burden. The potential for angst and stubborn miscommunication was high, but JH Knight handled it perfectly. It was really no easy feat for a novella, the balance has to be just right to buy the past and the forgiveness and I totally did. 
Clique by Jayden Brooks ~ 4.5 hearts
Ok, this was adorable and damn funny. It made me go check out everything else by Jayden Brooks because I just plain had a great time reading this from the first sentence. It’s told from inside Adam’s head and it was a manic whirlwind of hilarious inner monologuing. Brandon is Adam’s match and complete opposite and they just worked. After their meet/cute they had their push and pull as Brandon dismissed Adam but then couldn’t resist the attraction he had for the adorable man. If you love the opposites attract trope than this is the story for you. 
Bloom Box by Cate Ashwood ~ 4 hearts
Oh Milo, I love you. These two were just so damn good together. Will was no way near ready for a relationship after the shitshow he went through with his cheating bastard of an ex, but I dare you to find someone who wouldn’t fall in love with Milo’s open heart and complete charm. Cate Ashwood balanced the story really well and kept the storyline of the ex just present enough to show us why Will is in the mindset he’s in. It makes sense and the evolution of his feelings made sense because of the pace of the story. That made me believe Will’s feelings for Milo were real and HEA bound.

Bookmarked by Piper Vaughn ~ 4.5 hearts
Mark was the owner of a bookstore. His store is in desperate need of some business if he wants to stay open. He asks one of his favorite authors, Shepard, to come do a signing at his store. But... that didn't go so well. Shep did see the error of his ways and the two got a second chance together and it was adorable. Mark is impossible not to like with his open and sweet personality. And Shep was just a little misunderstood, but still just as loveable. A great start to this ridiculously cute series.
Unscripted by Nico Jaye ~ 4 hearts
Whew. Teddy and Carter were hot together. And sweet. And hot. It did take me a little bit to warm up to Carter, since he was a great big jerk in the beginning. But I was happy to see that he was very open with Teddy and put people before his business. Teddy... what's not to love. I just want to squish him and keep him in my pocket. Hot and smuffy story, with the most perfect ending.
Another Shot by JH Knight ~ 4 hearts
Aaron and Brad are set up on a blind date and totally hit it off. They were really sweet and just... great guys. I liked the whole blind date thing. I don't know that I've read a romance where the blind date actually works out. It's usually a disaster or something, so it was nice to read something different (for me, at least). Things were going wonderfully for them but their past snuck up on them in the end. They didn't turn into a huge angst-fest and I loved that. This was a really enjoyable, light read. It put a huge grin on my face.
Clique by Jayden Brooks ~ 4.5 hearts
Oh, this one was so great. It had a different feel than the others. I think it was the first person POV that made the difference for me and there was a bit more humor. Adam's head was a great place to be and he made the story very enjoyable. Well, that and Brandon with his sexy beard. He's a bit gruffy and the opposite of Adam, but they fit well together. Super cute opposites attract romance.
Bloom Box by Cate Ashwood ~ 4.5 hearts
Eeee! My favorite of the bunch. Milo is just so adorable and delightful. I loved him and Will together. The way Milo jumped right into help Will, made me fall for him right there. Yeah, he was an employee, but he went beyond the call of the job and was so sweet. They had great chemistry and the tension was there. Just thinking about these two gets me all giddy. I was completely charmed by their story.

Jenni Lea
Bookmarked by Piper Vaughn ~ 4 hearts
This was the first book in the series that I read and I loved it! A nerdy bookstore owner in glasses? Yes please! I loved that Mark fanboy'd all over Shepherd. Who here hasn't done that once or twice (or a million times)? Sexy, funny and heartfelt, this was a winner all around. Though I do have to say, poor Stephen King. I'll never look at one of his books the same way again. Heh, all I kept thinking with that scene was, 'don't break the spine or crease the pages!'
Clique by Jayden Brooks ~ 4 hearts
Next on my list was a tale told by an author I hadn't read yet and boy am I sorry I haven't! Jayden Brooks is funny! I loved the banter between Adam and Brandon but I have to say I think Brandon's parents stole the show. I'm definitely checking out more from this author. Jayden Brooks, you're on my radar now!
Bloom Box by Cate Ashwood ~ 4 hearts
Aww, this one was so sweet! I was afraid at first that Milo would end up being a caricature of a twink but thankfully that didn't happen. Milo was a surprisingly strong character; it was Will who was a bit timid at first. It was nice to see an older main character. As I age (gracefully, mind you) I find I seek out books that have mature main characters in them as I feel I connect with them more. This story didn't disappoint. I'll be reading more from Cate Ashwood too.
Another Shot by JH Knight ~ 4.5 hearts
This one was my favorite of the series. It had it all, humor, sweetness, angst and best of all, fabulous secondary characters. But that's what I've come to expect from JH Knight's stories so this one fit right in with all the other ones I've read and loved by her. So, JH, can we have Simon's story now? PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE??????
Unscripted by Nico Jaye ~ 4 hearts
And last but by no means least, we get Teddy's story. My smuff addiction has been satisfied. I now have a few new phrases added to my vocabulary (hate boners, anyone?). I did notice though, that of all five stories in this series, Teddy is the only one that didn't have a speaking role in someone else's book. I would have liked to have seen him intermingle with the characters from the other stories a bit. Well, there's always round two!

This series of five books was a pure delight to read. I've read (and loved) work by Nico Jaye, Piper Vaughn and JH Knight before, but Jayden Brookes and Cate Ashwood were new to me. I'm going to review the series as a whole, although each book is standalone and could be read that way.

What can I say? I LOVED the gayborhood. It is a series of pure delight. Easy to read, sweet without being sugary and just a teeny tiny bit of angst to add a bit of bite. This series is the pyjamas, slippers, hot chocolate combo of the book world. Pure comfort. The kind that leaves you snug and happy. I adored all of the couples and their stories and would be really hard pressed to choose a favourite!

Milo Hart of Bloom Box had a soft spot in my heart. His generosity of time and spirit warmed me and made me grin.Cate Ashwood is definitely an author I need to check out.

I loved the rocky Horror references in Unscripted, but mostly in this book I adored the brand of smuff (smut+fluff) that Nico Jaye has made her own.

What bibliophile can resist a bookshop setting? Not this one, I love stories set in book shops and a reclusive novelist. PERFECT. Piper Vaughn write romance from the soul and I love it!

Adam and Brandon in Clique, by Jayden Brookes, were adorable. Nearly as adorable as Brandon's dogs...

And JH Knight told a tale of fear and forgiveness that was just beautiful. They were all beautiful. They were exactly the kind of stories you expect them to be when you look at the gorgeous covers.

Lastly I want to say how much I loved the interaction of characters between books. Though each book focused on one couple, there are cameos from the other stories. Though subtly done so that each book can be read completely independently.

A wonderful, happy series. I cannot wait for more from Heartsville.  

Heartsville has been officially uni-banged and we loved the smuffy cuteness of it all. I think the consensus is... MORE PLEASE!



  1. Have got the series, looking forward to them now after so many great comments

    1. They were ADORABLE. Be prepared to have a smile permanently plastered on your face for the entire series.

  2. This series was the first I bought prerelease. Within minutes of the daily releases, I had them downloaded and was sneaking mini-reads as I worked. Through ARe they released at 3pm my time, so I swapped my lunch and afternoon tea break to ensure maximum reading ASAP.
    And I was not disappointed.
    Looking forward to more delicious tales in this setting from these talented authors.