Blog Tour: R.J. Scott Author Visit

Today we want to welcome author RJ Scott to the blog. RJ was our second author of the month here at BMBR and we enjoyed Unicornising her and chatting about The Christmas Throwaway ...but we wanted to get to know her even better. The enigma who is British but writes (mostly) American MC's and who writes across the sub-genres of contemporary, sci-fi and fantasy is popping in twice this month answering questions.And, then, on a third occasion, for a $10 first prize and a book each for two second place winners, we'll be quizzing you to see how closely you've paid attention.....

On the 17th July she'll be under the spotlight from her facebook fans, but today we are putting the spotlight on RJ.

So RJ, now you're comfy in our pillow nest let's get to it....

BMBR: If you had to pick one couple and one series of yours as a favourite - who and what would you chose and why? (I know that question is mean!!) 
RJ: When I go back to Texas and to Jack and Riley I am lost in their world. I choose Jack because he is a gruff cowboy with a soft heart who is so connected to his family. I choose Riley because he is the bad boy made good who needs Jack to ground him but who loves so much. Texas (along with Throwaway) are the two things people seem to associate with RJ Scott. I have so much love for my Texas boys.

BMBR: You write a wide range of books across a number of sub-genre's, do you have a preferred sub-genre to write in? 
RJ: Contemporary, modern, now…  but it’s a difficult choice between family stories (Texas, Back Home, Ellery etc) and my adventure stories (Sanctuary, Heroes, Bodyguards)

BMBR: How do you decide what book is coming next? Especially when you have several series on the go? 
RJ: I am led by what story is calling to me. Last year (2012) I was in a knee jerk reaction to the whole thing that went down with Silver and I was getting out stories on a schedule. That just led me to complete burn out where I lost November, December and most of January. I’m not making that mistake again. I know that by the end of this year I want to have written Texas 6, Heroes 2 and Bodyguards Inc 3. The order is how I feel the stories. I have decided on the following order, Heroes, Texas, Bodyguard… that feels comfortable for me.

BMBR: Morning or evening?  RJ: Morning
BMBR: Desert or main? RJ: Main
BMBR: Dark or light? RJ: Dark
BMBR: Sterek or Destiel? (Hey, we need some serious questions in here!! RJ: Sterek… OMG… Destiel just no! I WAS a huge SPN fan HUGE… but the angels, Castiel, all that stuff ruined it for me. I wanted the brothers on the road, not all the Destiel stuff… mutters… Sterek is kind of cool… :)
BMBR:  Spotted dick or knickerbocker glory? RJ: Knickerbocker Glory FTW
BMBR:Winter or Summer? RJ: Winter
BMBR:  Tea or coffee? RJ: Tea (fact: I don’t drink Coffee… ever… it’s is the devil’s brew… ewwwwww)
BMBR:  Bros, Take That or NKOTB? RJ: OMG Take That every time… Bros was flash in the pan, and I’m English so NKOTB was like a whole continent away…
BMBR: Complete the sentence...."Outside the wind blows and the rain falls. Lights flicker on and off in the intermittent power and a fire roars in the fireplace. As the rain pelts the window panes RJ is......" 
RJ: Cuddled up on the sofa with hubby and book… and preferably a cup of tea and a packet of digestives (or rich tea!)

(BMBR: *In this rain I could just fancy a cuppa and a rich tea*)

BMBR: You have a seriously impressive number of books under your belt. How long have you been writing? 
RJ: My first published work, was a short story in a DSP antho, which I think came out early 2010. My first novel was Oracle, which came out August 2010. So, yeah, four years nearly.

BMBR: So many different sun-genres; contemporary, cops, supernatural, country....Which series of books has been hardest to write? 
RJ: Supernatural Bounty Hunters, with eXtasy… that was one complicated world I created. I can’t seem to keep anything simple… ROFL…

BMBR: I was genuinely surprised when I found out you didn't live in the USA. Is there a particular reason you set your books in America when you are English? 
RJ: I first wrote fan fiction. In fact I wrote a million words in the J2 (Jared/Jensen RPF) world. I was pulled into a fan fiction world where we wrote American, my characters were American, and it never stopped. Also, 70% of my market is based in the US. I do write stories based in the UK (Gallows Tree, Bodyguards) but I write in US English. Yes, this does mean that sometimes things slip through in error, not so much losing the *U’s* or missing an *ize* but in the way a character may speak. This is why I have the wonderful Erika Orrick as my editor. She is American and stops me looking too stupid.

BMBR: What books do you like to read when you have time to kick back and relax? What is your desert island five? 
RJ: I love my genre, MM. I have a list of autobuy authors. Of course my friends are in there, Meredith Russell, Chris Quinton, Sue Brown, SA Meade, Amber Kell… BUT… outside of them, these are my faves… 
Garrett Leigh
Jordan L Hawk
Eli Easton
Marie Sexton
Josephine Myles and JL Merrow (because I wanted to put down 6 so I decided to cheat)

BMBR: What has been the high point of your writing career?
RJ: Christmas Throwaway getting bestselling book at ARe. Getting to number 1 at Amazon with some of my books. Every time I receive an email from a reader telling me they enjoy my books. Every time I get a new piece of cover art. Becoming a full time author in 2011.

Aaaaaaand breathe.....

Wow, thanks RJ. See you on Thursday for some more interrogating...this time by your facebook fans. Of course, we couldn't let RJ leave without a reminder of her Uni persona, Violet Dapple Foal.


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