Author Visit & giveaway - RJ Scott

For our second visit from RJ Scott we let her throw open the questions to her fans. In her Facebook group she asked if anyone had something they would like to know the answer to regarding either her writing process or her books, questions came flooding in so for this post it's over to the fans...

Jase Glines asked: I'd love to know if you'll be writing more YA books. And will you write a full length "How Much" book.
I do have plans for a YA book, in fact book 4 in my LOVE … series. Hopefully this year… J
How Much For The Whole Night, a free short story, will be extended to a full  novel and will be available early 2015… J

LeeAnn Pratt asked: “I want to know where the ideas come from, do your characters fight for whose book gets done next and do they ever wake you up in the middle of the night so you can tell their stories.” Maria BlackHeart Flores asked:  ”How do you come up with so many Ideas and turn them into Books? Which I am Grateful For!” Sam Higson asked: “Where do your plot bunnies come from usually? Things you see day to day? TV? Or do you see a person and think - he has a story etc?”
I wish I could tell you where my ideas come from. Pictures, TV, songs, memories, films… you name it and it could inspire a story. When people ask me (usually in shock) about where the hell do I get all my stories from, I bet I feel the same as any author, that they just *ARE*. I often say I don’t understand why other people don’t have constant stories in their heads. So I guess authors are just wired that way. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night with ideas, I sleep too heavy, but I do have awesome dreams and I often recall them in great detail.

Elin Gregory asked: “Is there any genre you’d love to tackle, ditto one you’d avoid like a rattlesnake?”
You couldn’t get me writing historical if you tried. I would be crap at it. I leave that to the experts! I’d love to write another Sci-Fi book and I have so many ideas. In fact SA Meade and I are chatting about a possible apocalyptic story… watch this space.

Myssie Barnes-Nunn asked: “What were people’s reactions when you told them you were going to first write M/M romance? Positive? Negative? WTF?”
I wrote two *episodes* of Sanctuary, a fan fiction story (which incidentally inspired my whole Sanctuary series) and I had people telling me they enjoyed it. Well, I decided then, let’s be honest about it with hubby. He was very laid back, and was pleased people enjoyed my writing.
Yes, I have had people ask me when I was going to write *normal books* but I think I am writing bloody normal books and I just mutter under my breath… ROFL… I have had a combination of WTF and negative, but all has been outweighed by positive.
And hey, I’m a full time writer, so I get to show them that doing what you love can make you successful.

Miranda McIntosh asked: “How long does it take for you to write a book and how much research do you put into each one?” Steven Oxley asked: “How much research do you do for scenery? I've seen your posts about story boards with pictures, maps, and other stuff. How do you come up with all that?”
I research deeply for a lot of my books. I draw maps of the towns, and houses, and I pull together art and pictures for my characters. I am lucky in that being self-published for a lot of my work, I ask Meredith to create art before I write the book, so that is another part of my research. When I create maps it is so if my guy comes out of his house and turns left he always ends up at the diner, and so on. Consistency is good and allows a reader to relax into the story.

Lizzie Lane said: “Lowering the tone - but asking what everyone else wants to ....How hard is it to get your men to move on with the plot? Instead of leaping in to bed at every opportunity!”
ROFL. Anyone who reads RJ Scott will know I don’t add in sex for the sake of it, and the sex when it does happen has absolute meaning and is integral to the plot. If my boys wanted to do it quicker then I am  not writing them right… ROFL

Tracy Gee asked: “Do your characters talk to you while you are writing?”
Talk to me. Yeah, I guess they do. They want the story to go one way but I won’t let them unless it works… rofl… When I was writing a book for DSP recently the character worked in first person, I don’t know if that was the character talking to me but I sure listened.

Nic Starr asked: How many stories do you have on the go at once and do you give them all equal attention or find one takes most of your focus?
At this very moment I am writing Last Marine Standing, that is my focus and I wont move from that on my own books until it is done. However I am also working on co-authored projects with Meredith Russell, Amber Kell and Chris Quinton.

So there we have it, our second post interrogating interviewing RJ Scott. To be in with a chance of winning some goodies from this author pop back on the 20thJuly - when we will be questioning you to see how closely you paid attention. Three lucky entrants will win. $10 book vouchers for one first place winner and a book each for two runner up places.

Please note winners will be picked randomly from those who correctly answered the most questions.


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    1. you won 2nd prize... will be contacting you shortly! RJ XXXX

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