Review: Quenched in Blood (Asheville Arcana #3) by Ari McKay

Will love mean rebirth… or death?

Vampire Julian Schaden has been warning the Asheville Paranormal Council of an impending demonic incursion for more than two decades. Over the past two years, he and his friends have fought as hard as they can with little help, since Micah Carter, the demon hunter who should have led them, shirked his responsibility and then perished.

Desperate for anything that might aid the fight, Julian enters the Carter property and finds something he never dared hope for: young Thomas Carter, the heir to a long line of demon hunters.

Thomas knows nothing about the supernatural world. But the prospect of a real life, outside the sheltered, isolated farm where he grew up, calls to him, and the idea of fighting the Unholy feels right.

Julian agrees to train Thomas even as he struggles against an unexpected, unwanted attraction. Thomas is too young and innocent to get involved with Julian, but opposites attract, and this is one battle Julian seems fated to lose. A prophecy from a dying mage comes with a bleak warning: the upcoming battle will claim Thomas’s life. To keep his home and friends safe, Julian may have to sacrifice the only love he’s ever known.

I just want to say that I enjoyed this entire trilogy as it brought some nice twists to a community of supernaturals confronted with some very terrible evil and how they deal with such conflict while still finding love in the process!

This 3rd and final book focuses on vamp Julian, who’s made it his life mission to hunt demons. When he finds out that the local demon hunter (who was killed in the last book) has been secreting away a grandson who knows nothing of his heritage, Julian’s at once appalled but also relieved to have found such a potential powerful ally to help in the current fight against a seriously scary foe.

In turn, Thomas takes things in stride. He’s surprised about how life has been flipped upside down but what a wonderful discovery to realize he has a greater destiny and responsibility than just being a humble farmer. As Thomas learns his trade and gains more experience through Julian’s training, he obviously falls in love while shit gets real as the enemy closes in.

This had a sweet romance, and fans of virgins will certainly enjoy this. Of note, I personally felt this fell just a bit short through really no fault from Julian and Thomas. Their progression was plausible and reasonable but perhaps the lack of a mate bond set them apart from the other two couples in this series, and such a prolonged buildup in defeating the ultimate baddie was a tad anticlimactic regarding the conclusion.

However, be reassured that this was plenty sexy, with a good dash of gory violence, and neatly tied up the main story arc. Seeing as how Whimsy and Harlan from Forged in Fire were my favorites, Julian and Thomas also unfortunately had a tough act to follow, and it was an upward climb from the start.

Regardless, this was an overall enjoyable paranormal series that consistently delivered on all fronts!

Thank you to the authors/publisher for a copy in exchange for an honest review

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