Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit + Giveaway - Mary Calmes

Happy Thanksgiving to our American unicorns! (Happy Thursday to those who don't celebrate or are international) We're thankful for many things but especially our followers and great books. And one author who writes many great books...none other than Mary Calmes.

We'll pause while you gather yourselves. (Finished squeeing?)

Mary delivered a delicious meal today in the form of flash fiction! And-- (Okay get that last squee out.)

Plus we're hosting a Dreamspinner Press eBook giveaway too! Double score!

© Mary Calmes 2018

Tutoring soccer star Owen Baker was going to be the death of me.
He was amazing and gifted and could, I was made to understand, score goals that would have impressed Beckham. And just like that, thinking about him and what he needed from me for his future and that of the school, I went from bumbling geek to the man who could help him.
In the next month, we were together almost daily, becoming friends, and that time only cemented my worst fears—that he was just as beautiful inside as out. I was crazy about him and helpless to stop. 
It was the hardest to be just buddies when I watched him practice and that too had become my new normal. I’d started going because what had been first a throwaway offer had changed to him repeatedly asking and eventually insisting.
That day, as I sat there in the bleachers, thinking about the night and day time we spent in one another’s company, I happened to look up as he ran by and when he smiled…my heart stopped. I couldn’t breathe. I was in way over my head and had to put a stop to my hopelessly romantic feelings.
Getting up, climbing down the bleachers, I was on the field and bolting toward the parking lot when he caught up with me, his strong hands on the sides of my face, me sweaty from baking in the sun, him from exertion, both of us panting.
“I—you...” I began, my voice stopping and starting, just like my heart.
“You just figured it out huh?” He pressed his forehead to mine, serious now, no smiling, just sharing my air. “That I’m kind of crazy about you.”
“Yeah but—I’m…and you’re…and we––”
“Stop,” he said gruffly, leaning me forward into a kiss.
It was everything I dreamed, long, deep, and he opened my mouth and took and claimed and moaned loudly because he was what I wanted more than life.
“Yeah,” he husked, taking a breath, licking his lips, tasting me on them. “I want us to be a really big thing all right? What do you want?”
“That,” I answered succinctly. “I want that. I want you and me. I want you with me.”
He kissed me again.
“So now when you walk me to class, will you hold my hand?” I asked him when I could breathe.
“I can hardly wait.”  

Want to squee just one more time? Go on, we won't tell. The unicorns thank Mary so much for her ficlet!

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