Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit + Giveaway - Jane Davitt (NSFW)

We have a special treat today: Jane Davitt! She came out of semi-retirement to write a fic for the shenanigans! It's sure to get your motor running too!

Mixed Messages
By Jane Davitt

I like to make sure there's no mistake about who's in charge so I tell him I'll be the one fucking him, not the other way around, before he pours me a beer. He raises his eyebrows, then shrugs.


Maybe I'd come on a bit strong there. I was happy to be the piece of rough this New York lawyer had brought back to his place for some no-strings sex, but I didn't need to scrape the smile off his face by being rude.

"Sorry. It doesn't work for me otherwise."

He hands me his beer, then splashes a finger of whiskey into a glass, the crystal all sparkles in the soft light of the city, streaming in through the huge windows. "Not a problem. I like controlling men." Huh. Okay then. I don't think of myself as controlling, but, fine. "I have a…request of my own though. I pick the position."

I nod. On his knees, ass up or on his back, legs up; I don't care as long as I get to nail him. He's as polished and bright as the glass, and I want to strip him out of designer and dress him in sweat.

Thirty minutes later, I'm naked in an armchair with him sinking down slowly onto my cock and somewhere, somehow, I'm not calling any shots, only his name, over and over, begging, grinding my ass against leather, hands trapped by his request, but it isn't is it, it's an order and he's gotten me so turned on, desperate for release, that I'm obeying him without a flicker of rebellion.

"That's it," he murmurs, taking me an inch deeper. "Good boy. Hold still, yes, perfect. I'm going to kiss you now, a reward for being so obedient."

The kiss comes with teeth and my nipple throbs, bitten hot. I moan, head angled to watch him, memorising him in case this is the only night I get.

Or will he keep me? Polish me into something as hard and brilliant as he is?

He comes with a groan, marking my flesh, but keeps me waiting for my climax until I've begged nicely.

He didn't lie. He likes controlling men. And he's proving it with every whimper he gets from me, every helpless, desperate word.

I want more, but something tells me to get it I'll need to be on my knees when I ask.

I can do that.

Anyone else need a drink or maybe a cig? We unicorns thank Jane for raising the temperature of the clubhouse and making our 5th memorable!

About the Author:

I'm English by birth, but I moved to Canada twenty years ago, so I have two places I call home. I started writing in my thirties, hammering out millions of words of fanfic with a growing sense that yes, this was something I could do, wanted to do, needed to do.

A decade ago, I became a professional writer of m/m romance and I've never regretted my choice of career. Back then, telling people what I wrote got me raised eyebrows or puzzled looks. Times have changed. Now m/m romance is thriving and I'm happy to be one of the many writers contributing to this always evolving and expanding genre.

[Free reads and my fanfic are here:
Jane Davitt at AO3]

Find her:

Twitter: @janedavitt

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