Guest Review: Mr. May (Calendar Men #5) by Bailey Bradford

Derrick Tovar thought posing for a calendar would be the most adventurous thing he’d ever do—boy, was he wrong!

Derrick Tovar always played it safe. He had a secure job, a retirement plan, five and ten-year goals… When he agreed to pose in skimpy clothing for a charity calendar, he figured that was one daring, out of character opportunity for him to do. It wasn’t that big of a risk, really.

Except it almost got him killed.

He’s having a little trouble dealing with that, but he soon meets a man who makes him want to dream big and take chances.

Reviewer: Shee Reader

I am absolutely loving this series! It’s full of fun, quick reads. Derrick is such a steady guy, he sort of needs the little shake up Niall brings. Niall is a fox shifter with his own gourmet hotdog cart. Derrick and he connect immediately, but like all the books in the series, there are dark forces at work alongside the cute sexy romance.

Niall is a mischievous and adventurous man who is a perfect match for Derrick. Niall’s need to throw himself off high things (albeit with a bungee cord attached) don’t make any sense to Derrick, but does feed into his anxiety and nightmares. Being poisoned whilst on the charity photo shoot has left physical and mental scars that Derrick is unable to fix by himself. Cue sexy little adventurer Niall…

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The bad guys are bad, and the good guys are adorable.


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