Tag Team Review: A Chance at Love by Silvia Violet

Can a confident younger man help Darren learn to let go?

On the flight back home to San Diego, Chance Emerson meets an intriguing older man. They flirt, and Chance hopes for more, but the man never calls. Months later, they meet again at a charity auction. Chance decides this time he isn’t walking away.

Darren Walsh can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous grad student who almost had him joining the mile-high club. When Chance suggests they hook up, Darren says the only thing he can—yes. 

From their first moments together, Chance and Darren know there’s more between them than lust, but their differences in age and income make a real relationship challenging. They decide to keep things secret, yet as they learn more about each other, Darren realizes he wants something real and open. To have that, he’ll need to convince Chance that he has a place in Darren’s world, and Darren will have to take some risks of his own.

Collective Heart Love Score!

Shee Reader - 5 Hearts

Oh my gosh, where do I start? I just loved this book!

Chance is living his best life, then he meets a stuffy but hot guy on the plane home to San Diego, and realised he wants this guy too. Darren finds Chance annoying and do very attractive but fights the attraction. On arrival, Chance gives Darren his number, but despite wanting to call, Darren doesn’t. When he meets Chance again at one of his foundation’s charity events, he can’t resist a second time.

This story is charming, sweet, sexy and real. The writing is terrific with believable, well rounded characters, smart dialogue and even an annoying best friend. There’s food, an adorable dog, a lonely older man and a young, spirited PhD student. This book has everything.

I loved that even though there was drama and angst, the characters mostly tried to talk things through, but after a little separation, Darren cals Chance when he needs a friend, and Chance comes running. The ending is perfectly sweet and satisfying and includes a giant Toblerone from the airport gift shop. There is nothing not to love about this book!

Highly recommended!

Ann - 4 1/4 Hearts

Well, wasn’t this just a delicious little nugget of May/December dirty talk wrapped up in mounds of perfectly sweet fluff.

I love May/December stories when the characters make sense together and complement one another beyond what I expect and A Chance at Love did that quite well. The meet - cute was in fact, quite cute and I believed the attraction between Chance and Darren. I also liked how Darren didn’t call right away and that chance brought them together again. It read realistically for where Darren was in his life and added some necessary tension to the story without resorting to too much angst. Not that some angst didn’t come later though . . .

Both guys were on the same page from the beginning with where the relationship was going, or not going. Thankfully the reader is on on their thoughts and knowing that they were both falling hard was such a treat. I loved that both characters spoke their minds and were openly affectionate and shared their feelings with one another when they were alone. When they were out together as “friends” they weren’t fooling anyone with their moony eyes at each other.

These two have chemistry that is off ALL the charts. All. The. Charts. Their complementary needs are so good and everytime they were together they’d learn a new little something and push another new button. They totally got off on one another and Chance opened so many doors for Darren. Darren’s most hidden fantasies are laid bare by Chance and Chance is a master at the dirty talk, which I am a big, Big, BIG fan of. When dirty talk is done right it can take a love story to another level for me, it can take a sweet relationship to extra spicy and give it a level of depth that can otherwise be lacking. This is me justifying my love of Chance and his deliciously filthy mouth.

The angst I mentioned before was reasonable and kind of necessary. Everything couldn’t be too perfect considering they did have some misgivings about the difference in their ages, but the issues that had weren’t only about age but about socioeconomics. That last bit was all external, but it was something they’d have to deal with and that would take a strong foundation in a relationship that they just hadn’t had time to build up yet. But, they had too many things going for them to not give it a go and the ending was perfect for them. I was worried the ending would be rushed considering I was getting up there in percentage count on the old Kindle and resolution still needed to be had, but I was pleasantly surprised with how it all worked out.

It’s also set in my hometown, America’s Finest City, thankyouverymuch, and that’s always fun. The author did a great job of representing San Diego.

The romance and steam in this story guarantees is a spot on my re-read shelf.

**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**

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