Guest Review: Mr. April (Calendar Men #4) by Bailey Bradford

Will is certain there’s truth to the phrase that no good deed goes unpunished.

William Blunt thought posing for a charity calendar would be fun. Instead, it’s kind of tedious and stressful, and his boyfriend begins to display some alarmingly jealous behavior. Once the shoot is over—again—he’s ready to move on to other things, one of which is, eventually, a healthier relationship.

Breaking up isn’t hard to do, and Will vows to learn from his past dating disasters. What he doesn’t count on is meeting a man whose smile turns his world upside down. Baz is gorgeous, but more than that, he’s intriguing and funny, and he seems to be as interested in Will as Will is in him.

But all is not smooth sailing, and a murder complicates the personal issues both men are already struggling with.

Reviewer: Shee Reader

Will is a nurse who got involved with the charity photo shoot through his job. Geoffrey (the boyfriend) is a doctor at the hospital and Will knows they aren’t a good match, but stuck it out for several months despite the fact that Geoffrey is not good to him. After yet another argument, Will breaks up with Geoffrey, then it all started getting weird. Baz is working in his uncle's restaurant when the lovely Will comes in to eat. Baz is instantly attracted and the wooing commences apace!

Will is a charming character who get embroiled in all kinds of drama following the charity photo shoot. Baz is really likeable too, but their sweet little love story is tainted by murder and mischief. I really enjoyed this read. It’s a quick one at only 127 pages, but is none the worse for that. Its cute, funny, sexy and a bit scary. I’ve enjoyed the whole series so far.

I really like that there are shifters in the stories, but this isn’t the main cause of the storyline or the angst. It’s the same really with the queerness of the main characters. It isn’t the main focus, it just is. I like that.


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