Review: Knockout by Dominique Frost

“​Knockout” is a blisteringly hot collection of erotic gay stories. Some of them are heart-pounding love stories and some are dark tales of seduction and possession, but all of them sizzle with chemistry and lust. Cops, boxers, bikers and baristas all have hard, sweaty sex with the men of their dreams.

The title story, “Knockout,” is a three-chapter novelette in which a boxing fan meets his idol, an international heavyweight champion, and has a steamy encounter with him in the changing room.

The remaining stories feature best friends, sworn enemies, gloryholes and secret encounters in public restrooms.

​In “Mysterious Ways,” a cop who’d thought he was straight is seduced by a mysterious man in a nightclub. In “Best Enemies,” a young gay couple get down and dirty even at the risk of being caught by their visiting parents. In “Evening Glory,” an anonymous rendezvous at a gloryhole proves to be not as anonymous as either participant expected. And last of all, in “Easy Rider,” a man is jealous of his boyfriend’s devotion to his bike, which results in wild, passionate sex in their garage.​

3.48 average

Knockout - 3.65 Hearts

"Is there a god of beauty and strength sitting at table number six?"
Jamal blinked at Mason. "Yes...?"
"So I'm not hallucinating?"
"If you've come to me to affirm your sanity, I'll have to disappoint you."

I'm so happy to see new Dominique Frost work! I found her previous work to hot, snarky, hot and did I mention hot? And Knockout remains true to the author's strong suits.

In this erotic short that features a dominant bottom and a submissive top, Cody is an 18 year old college student and barista. He got his life handed to him when his crush, Mason Steele, walks into his coffee shop. Mason Steele is a 28 year old renowned boxer, bisexual and at the top of him game. Cody would know as he's well-versed in all that is Mason Steele: stats, employees, fighting style, the works.

Mason comes in for a cup of joe and leaves with Cody's number. Well, after Cody picks up his jaw and his boner makes an appearance. It's awkwardly cute and flattering. And Mason give Cody the VIP treatment...literally.

Oh how, I love a good muscle bottom. Mason didn't disappoint. And since the story is told from Cody's snarky POV, it made it an enjoyable read. The story is one three chapters and it could have easily went longer with more topping from the bottom scenes, it's essentially a one-shot.

Evening Glory - 3.5 Hearts

Catholic school boys and glory holes!

Blake's life is made a living hell thanks to rich boy ginger haired Carter. Blake attends the dorm via foster parents and is teased on a daily basis. After seeing his nemesis leave during Sunday mass, he follows him to that East bathroom with a reputation.

The bathroom with a famous glory hole, which surprises Blake because he would have never thought Carter would ever be there or go into that stall with a hot mouth seeking cock.

Hot and a little dirty. Finally getting your enemy on his knees, "-taking it like a whore would, taking it like a slut, making slick filthy sounds-"?



And it ends slightly hopeful. Another hot one shot. Erotic, decent set up and doesn't delve too deeply.

Mysterious Ways - 4 Hearts

Oh! I wasn't expecting all of that in this erotic dumpling.

Detective Vince Lambert was on top of the world until he caught his wife cheating... with his partner. After beating his ex-friend's ass, he is suspended and in the middle of a divorce. Alcohol is the only therapy he relies on. and while bar hopping he's saved by a mysterious character.

Being as the story is set up mysteriously, I won't talk about the plot twist.

What I will talk about is that this story features cross-dressing and mild Daddy kink. It was scorching the little bit the reader gets. There are potential triggers: transphobic/homophobic language. The tale is told strictly from Vince's POV and he's straight... for the most part.

Vince is damaged throughout Mysterious Ways and there isn't a mysterious penis to cure the well of hurt he has boasting. This touches the boundaries a little. I think Kit, the second MC who is bold and daring is perfect for Daddy.

It ends on a possibility for more. Oh, how I will there would be more.

Best Enemies - 3 Hearts

This was quick and easy NA erotica. College student Jerry has to pretend his boyfriend is just her roommate and best friend when his homophobic and religious parents make an impromptu visit to their apartment. His boyfriend Dale plays along but teases Jerry sexually. With his parents next door, Dale ramps up the teasing because he's horny. This was sexy with frottage and a blowjob. Nothing more once the sex happens. It could have been magical if there was more scenarios to play with.

Overall, not bad.

Easy Rider - 3.25 Hearts

And the collection ends on a bang. (Literally)

Sean has a thing for his motorcycle. He likes to clean and lube his sweetheart (the bike) himself. His boyfriend Randall, is a little jealous of the attention Sean pays the bike.

Enter a meaty uncut cock taking Sean's attention while deep cleaning his baby. A little suck, begging and wall fucking is on order in Easy Rider. The dirty words were a little repetitive after reading the previous ones, so it affected my rating.

Overall, this established couple erotica didn't annoy me! Yay!

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