Audiobook Review: Taylor Maid by Tara Lain

He'll marry the maid to get $50 million but a secret could queer the deal.

Taylor Fitzgerald needs a last-minute bride.

On the eve of his twenty-fifth birthday, the billionaire’s son discovers that despite being gay, he must marry a woman before midnight or lose a fifty-million-dollar inheritance. So he hightails it to Las Vegas… where he meets the beautiful maid Ally May.

There’s just one rather significant problem: Ally is actually Alessandro Macias, son of a tough Brazilian hotel magnate. But if Ally keeps pretending to be a girl for a little while longer, is there a chance they might discover this marriage is tailor-made?

Narrated by: John Solo 
Listening Length: 5 hours and 18 minutes

I never thought I'd see the day that I would 1 heart some cracky fluff. Cracky fluff with an androgynous and crossdressing character no less!

This is a sad sad day indeed, so let's make this short.

I've never read anything by Tara Lain before and I find her writing style almost cacophonous. It's choppy with odd little asides randomly thrown in that are usually hokey and sometimes borderline offensive. Bottom line: we didn't suit.

The plot didn't make a whole lot of sense and what did was cheesy and OTT. I didn't understand why Ally was on the run from his father nor did I think his henchmen would have a difficult time locating him after he "escaped" on a private plane bound for San Francisco. Bottom line: everything was resolved quickly, easily and unrealistically which, honestly, is kind of par for the course with this series. Had I connected to it or the characters this level of reality suspension would likely have been a non-issue. But.

It's not that I expect depth in my cracky fluff, I don't. But I do want at least a bit of something substantiative about the characters. Both Ally and Taylor's characterizations felt flimsy and one-dimensional.

The dialogue is stilted to begin with, so I hate to blame Solo, but by the same token, I don't think his narration helped with regard to my enjoyment. His delivery is perky, punchy and peppy which, granted, is fitting for this prose but it somehow made the whole thing worse.

I never connected to this story and found myself listening halfheartedly rather than engagingly, but we all have authors and styles that resonate with us. This didn't suit me but Lain has a unique style all her own and there is an audience for it. I would encourage anyone even remotely interested to look at other reviews before deciding.

A review copy was provided.

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