Review: Surrendered to the Sea by Dessa Lux

When an omega werewolf cast himself into the sea, he never expected someone would be there to catch him...

Omega Devon Griffith feels like his life is already over; he's failed out of school and it's just a matter of time before his parents arrange a loveless mating for the good of the pack. He wants someone to love him for himself, but it seems like he's missed his chance. When he gives in to a dark impulse and slips into the sea, he thinks that one moment of surrender will be the end...

Sea god Lir has spent years living only in the present, forgetting his own troubled past and never worrying about the future. Then his father issues an ultimatum: Lir needs to prove he can care for someone else, or he'll be banished from the sea forever. Lir doesn't even know where to start, until a werewolf falls into his sea and nearly drowns. This is Lir's chance to show he can be responsible for a mortal. He may not know anything about werewolves, but how hard can it be?

When Devon's heat arrives, Lir quickly discovers that caring for him takes more than just food, water, and shelter... and Devon finally feels like he has a future worth looking forward to. Alone together on Lir's enchanted island with a baby on the way, their love quickly blooms. But Devon can't quite forget his life on land, no matter how hard Lir tries to keep him happy in their hideaway. Can Lir and Devon's love survive beyond their magical island, or will too much reality break the sea's spell?

Surrendered to the Sea is an m/m mpreg romance featuring a lost omega werewolf, a lonely sea god, and a happy ending hot enough to melt icebergs!

Devon Griffith is unhappy and slightly depressed as we meet the young Omega aboard a rented yacht with his family in the middle of the sea. Devon doesn’t want an arranged marriage to some Alpha who his family can profit off of for social and financial status, Devon wants to be taken care of, to love and to be loved equally in return. In a moment of despair, he decides to take fate into his own hands and plunges into the cold sea, offering himself to the dark depths if the moon won’t have him.

Lir is a sea god who has displeased Father North aka his dad. He is told he must learn to respect land-dwellers and have a care for their ways even though is domain over the sea does not reach the land. Father North has given Lir the timeline of one year to make this happen or he will send Lir to live among those he holds with such dismal regard. Lir takes this seriously and when he feels a presence in his domain of the sea, and the offer of giving one’s self to his sea, he rescues the land-dwellers and our story begins.

I really have to clear way of reviewing this without giving the entire story away so I will try to be simple about the review.

I adored this book! I know that Devon keeps referring to Lir as an Alpha and while he is indeed one, he isn’t the growly and rough Alpha’s I am used to with shifters. Lir is kind, supportive, protective and a wonderful caregiver to Devon. He wants nothing but to make Devon comfortable and happy and while the threat from Father North is present in his mind, Devon strikes a chord closer to Lir’s heart and that is where his actions come from.

Since Lir as a sea god is part of the sea, he needs to create land for his werewolf to live upon and Lir takes to this with great creativity and care. There is no way to say this but to put it out there…Lir makes a home for Devon, literally. He calls up on the plastic of the sea to come bind together to form an island which he commands moss to grow upon and it becomes a living organism that continues to grow and change into a floating island that later becomes like a reef of sorts that they build their home on. Yeah, the sea god is recycling plastics that assholes put in the ocean to build a home for Devon which is so stupidly romantic, the hippie and environmentalist in me forgets about the disgusting plastics polluting the oceans because Lir is creating an island for Devon to take care of him. He made him an island, folks. Talk about epic declarations, eh?


We get this story told in both POV’s which is lovely because both Devon and Lir are complicated creatures. It’s nice to see the depth and growth of their character through internal dialogue/actions as well as through the eyes of their mate.

So, Devon and Lir get used to one another and start a new life atop the floating island together and then one day, Devon remembers that he is an Omega and what Omega’s are made to do. Yeah, he kinda forgot that he would be going into heat soon, losing track of the days while being thrust into this new odd existence with a sea god who can take many forms, including one with tentacles (yes I had ideas about those tentacles and the heat – judge away) and explains to Lir what will happen with his heat and how much he will need Lir. All Lir wants to do is take care of Devon and he’s looked up mating on Google so he is ready though Devon starts to feel selfish for taking Lir away from whatever his responsibilities are as a sea god.

I will say this…The heat was hot as it always is with the need to fuck, self-lubricating holes made for fucking and a sea god who happens to KNOT during sex. Don’t ask about the knotting, just marinate in it and like it. Mmm Kay? Mmm Kay.

As the time passes during and after the heat, Lir and Devon start to develop feelings beyond what either thought they were made for and it was truly charming to read. I had no idea where a book with a sea god and a werewolf would lead but both of these men were lonely, depressed and yearning for love. They found it in one another but when the heat is successful and Devon laments the loss of his pack; Lir goes beyond what he should to make his mate happy.

There is a bit of angst in this story that made me sadder than I expected to. I adore Lir so much with all he does for Devon. He loves his land-dweller so much that he broke my heart when the angst appeared. How can you not love a sea god who wants to call Devon by an endearment and chooses to call him “Sunlight” because Lir is from the cold, dark depths of the sea? *sigh* I just love him but Lir has issues and he doesn’t remember the reason behind his father’s ultimatum and it’s not until a storm brews between Lir and Devon, that Devon learns the truth from Lir’s brother Mar.

Goodness, but this book packs in some sneaky emotions I wasn’t expecting. It is full of hurt/comfort so much that I feel like I need a tentacle hug from Lir and I don’t do hugs. It was so emotional and the angst made me cry. When Lir remembers the why of Father North’s ultimatum, it’s so freaking sad but he loves his Devon and will do whatever he has to do right his wrong.

Wow. Did I say anything of substance about this book? I am just floating along on this happy cloud having finished it. It’s not your traditional shifter romance as it borderlines a fairy tale with a few moments you just need to accept even though they are a tad outrageous like the laptop and phone, because it was so damn sweet.

That epilogue was adorable and the bit with Zoey made me giggle. I do wonder if they author has plans to make this a series because there seems to be something with Harry and Mar that I would love to see explored.

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