Review: A Matter of Priorities by Jon Keys

After being disowned by his family, Cooper judged his self-worth by his latest hookup. But circumstances change as he learns about true love.

Cooper Diaz is a better-than-average college student with a major in architecture and a love of dogs. But while he plays the role of campus playboy, in reality, he believes no one would care enough to worry about him—except his best friend, Liam. His expectations are simple—searching for the latest hookup. His newest obsession is his professor, Lucas Nyman, who has asked Cooper to work as part of the team for an out-of-class project, which he eagerly accepts.

At a celebratory evening at Professor Nyman's home, Cooper is invited to fulfill his latest fantasy--a ménage à trois with the professor and his husband. But the fun turns into something much weightier when pillow talk turns into friendly advice from the pair whose bed Cooper has shared. After a close call that leaves Cooper shaken and a confession from Liam, Cooper begins to realize that life is not as he envisioned.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a ménage-à-trois scene.

For an erotic short, this was mostly sexy. I enjoyed the ‘celebratory evening’ with the professor a lot. It was hot and dirty, and definitely the fantasy I expected from the blurb.

I honestly didn’t really connect with the main character. Maybe because I’ve never been a college student? I don’t know about that life. While I have had my fair share of flings, and enjoyed my single life, I’m not sure I completely understand Cooper’s self destructive streak. Also, Cooper is a size queen, which I don't think is necessarily a bad thing, but because of his obsession with dick size he missed a lot of the emotional subtlety around him.

Cooper appears to be on the warpath when it comes to fucking anyone and everyone. We are told this anyway. He doesn’t seem to be particularly safe about it either, and this is where the drama in the story lies.

Suddenly he is confronted by feelings with his roommate/fuck buddy and it sort of evolved (devolved?) from there.

I don’t think the character development was quite deep enough for me. I would have loved Cooper if I had more of his honesty. I did enjoy the dog-shelter stuff and I thought that Cooper and Liam were great together. This wasn’t the smutty professor/student fantasy story I was expecting, so surprise!

It was still a sweet story, and I think if it hadn’t been going in two different directions, I would have enjoyed it a bit more.

For a sexy short, this is definitely worthy. And if you’re into reading menagé erotica then this will definitely get you flushing.

A review copy was provided for an honest review

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