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Sean Michael's here today talking about The Teddy Bear Club and a boy named Unicorn!

Thank you so much to Boy Meets Boy for hosting me and my Unicorn boy book today ;)

I really enjoyed writing The Teddy Bear Club. I love setting up a new series. I love it when the men who support the leading characters have the promise of having their own stories to tell. And yes, I love it when something odd and funny happens, like one of the babies is named Unicorn.

Did I do this on purpose? No, I did not. I have talked before about how my characters are like real people who live in my head. As I write, they tell me more about themselves and every character manages to surprise me at least once while I’m writing him. So when it turned out that Devon’s boy was named Unicorn by his sixteen year old mother – Devon’s sister – I was surprised, but I have to admit, rather delighted.

My initial thoughts also were that this had to change – they couldn’t go through the entire book – and indeed little Unicorn’s entire life – calling him that. By the time they settled on a new name for U, I was actually a little disappointed. I’d grown fond of the name. Who knows, maybe when he grows up, Unicorn will take his original name back. I guess it depends on what kind of person he is and what he’s doing with his life.

I hope you enjoy The Teddy Bear Club as much as I did writing it!

Sean Michael
smut fixes everything

Two lonely men. One perfect family.

Aiden Lake adopted his institutionalized sister’s two daughters, and he’s a good dad. He works nights on websites and gets in his adult time twice a week at the Roasty Bean, where he meets with other single gay parents.

Devon Smithson wants to be a good dad now that his sixteen-year-old sister asked him to babysit her newborn… three months ago. But he’s overwhelmed with the colicky baby. An invitation to the daddy-and-kid gatherings at the café is a godsend. The pot is sweetened when his friendship with Aiden develops into more—maybe even something that can last.

But the mother who kicked Dev out for being gay wants to get her claws into the baby, and she doesn’t care if she tears Dev, Aiden, and everything they’re building apart in the process.

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Best-selling author Sean Michael is a maple leaf–loving Canadian who spends hours hiding out in used book stores. With far more ideas than time, Sean keeps several documents open at all times. From romance to fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi, Sean is limited only by the need for sleep—and the periodic Beaver Tail.
Sean fantasizes about one day retiring on a secluded island populated entirely by horseshoe crabs after inventing a brain-to-computer dictation system. Until then, Sean will continue to write the old-fashioned way.

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